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Paleo Effect Authors

Meghan Little is co-founder of Paleo Effect and co-Meghan Little, Author - The Paleo Effect
author of The Paleo Effect. Little has always been interested in healthy eating and active living. After meeting Ayala, they decided to try a new, healthy lifestyle. Little has been sharing her love of cooking by actively blogging, offering advice, recipes, and insights into the Paleo lifestyle since 2010. She resides in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Angel Ayala, Author The Paleo Effect
Angel Ayala Torres is co-founder of the Paleo Effect and co-author of The Paleo Effect. Ayala has been living and blogging an active Paleo lifestyle since 2010, sharing with others how they, too, can make this life-altering change. After adapting the Paleo Lifestyle, Ayala enjoyed an improved quality of life, while shedding a few unwanted pounds. Here he shares his experiences to guide others towards a happy, healthier lifestyle. Torres resides in Atlantic Beach, Florida.