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Gone Primal!

A couple of weeks ago I came across this link [http://goo.gl/znKSw] on which it discussed how Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook only eats what he kills. With my lifestyle being Paleo for almost 10 months now, I wanted to personally grasp what Primal really meant. So we head out on a Sunday afternoon to our Green Market here in Jacksonville, FLA and bought a healthy livestock chicken from a local farm. The easy part was driving it home, the hardest one was to plan the day when to kill it.

My dad used to kill chickens for dinner back in the day but nothing could have prepared me for this experience.

Gone Primal!

Let me tell you, going primal is hard when you have never killed a living creature before. I took Plucky and applied the best most humane way to kill a bird, after that chapter which was pretty stressful, we proceeded to submerge him in hot boiling water a couple of times in order to pluck him. The plucking process was fairly easy it took just a minute or two to have him looking more like a normal over-the-counter chicken bought at the grocery store.

The internet resources found online for cleaning a chicken are so easy that all I had to do was to setup my iPad and do it as I watched videos on YouTube explaining the whole process. After that, a simple Puerto Rican seasoning base was applied and fresh vegetables broiled next to the freshly killed bird.

Flavor and textures where completely different, they were just amazing! I was able to go all into Primal Mode and cook my meal that same day and it was a total Paleo Experience I will never forget. We will be posting more pics soon on our Paleo Adventures.

Keep it Paleo!