Glycemic Index of Paleo Diet Foods

Our Glycemic Index of Paleo Diet Foods will help you understand all the information you need to know about the Paleo Diet when it comes to how sugars interact with our bodies. Let’s get started.

What is glycemic index? It is a system used to measure the rise of circulating blood sugar caused by a carbohydrate – the higher the number, the greater the blood sugar response.  In short, a GI value tells you how rapidly a particular carb turns to sugar. The goal is not to cause big spikes, so we should keep our numbers small.

Not surprising, the highest GI foods are almost all grains and the lowest are fruits and vegetables. Below is a list of Paleo foods and their GI. If you are trying to lose weight, try to keep it to the foods in the low category and share our Glycemic Index of Paleo Diet Foods to your friends.

As usual, these numbers are estimates and there is some wiggle room from species to species. If you suffer from a medical condition, please speak to your physician, as these are guidelines and are not meant to be a substitute for the guidance of a medical professional.

Low = 55 or lower  |  Medium = 56 – 69  |  High = 70 or high

Category Product H/L
Condiment Molasses H
Fruit Dates H
Fruit Guavas H
Fruit Sweet Plantain (fried) H
Fruit Watermelon H
Vegetable Arrowroot H
Vegetable Parsnips H
Vegetable Pumpkin H
Vegetable Turnip (cooked) H
Condiment Honey M
Condiment Maple Syrup M
Condiment Mayo M
Fruit Bananas M
Fruit Cranberries M
Fruit Mangoes M
Fruit Melon M
Fruit Pineapple (canned) M
Fruit Raisins M
Fruit Sweet Plantain (boiled) M
Fruit Sweet Plantain (raw) M
Fruit Tamarind M
Vegetable Beets (cooked) M
Beverage Almond Milk L
Beverage Apple Juice L
Beverage Carrot Juice L
Beverage Cranberry Juice L
Beverage Grape Juice L
Beverage Grapefruit Juice L
Beverage Mango Juice L
Beverage Orange Juice L
Beverage Pineapple Juice L
Beverage Tomato Juice L
Condiment Agave L
Condiment Cocoa L
Condiment Ketchup L
Condiment Mustard L
Condiment Tamari L
Condiment Tomato Sauce L
Condiment Vinegar L
Fruit Apples L
Fruit Apricots L
Fruit Avocado L
Fruit Blackberries L
Fruit Blueberries L
Fruit Cantaloupe L
Fruit Cherries L
Fruit Coconut L
Fruit Figs L
Fruit Gooseberry L
Fruit Grapefruit L
Fruit Grapes L
Fruit Green Plantain (boiled) L
Fruit Green Plantain (fried) L
Fruit Green Plantain (raw) L
Fruit Jackfruit L
Fruit Kiwi L
Fruit Lemon L
Fruit Lime L
Fruit Litchi L
Fruit Nectarines L
Fruit Oranges L
Fruit Papaya L
Fruit Passion Fruit L
Fruit Peaches L
Fruit Pears L
Fruit Persimmon L
Fruit Pineapple (raw) L
Fruit Plums L
Fruit Pomegranates L
Fruit Pomelos L
Fruit Prunes L
Fruit Raspberries L
Fruit Red Currant L
Fruit Rhubarb L
Fruit Strawberries L
Fruit Tangerines L
Nuts/Seeds Almonds L
Nuts/Seeds Cashews L
Nuts/Seeds Hazelnuts/Filberts L
Nuts/Seeds Pine nuts L
Nuts/Seeds Pistachio L
Nuts/Seeds Sesame Seeds L
Nuts/Seeds Sunflower seeds L
Nuts/Seeds Walnuts L
Other Dark Chocolate (+70%) L
Root Beets (raw) L
Spice Garlic L
Spice Ginger L
Spices Parsley, Basil, Oregano, Etc. L
Vegetable Artichoke L
Vegetable Asparagus L
Vegetable Bamboo Shoots L
Vegetable Broccoli L
Vegetable Brussel Sprouts L
Vegetable Cabbage L
Vegetable Carrots (cooked) L
Vegetable Carrots (raw) L
Vegetable Cauliflower L
Vegetable Celery L
Vegetable Chard L
Vegetable Chicory/Endive L
Vegetable Chili Pepper L
Vegetable Collard Greens L
Vegetable Cucumber L
Vegetable Eggplant L
Vegetable Fennel L
Vegetable Kale L
Vegetable Leeks L
Vegetable Lettuce (all varieties) L
Vegetable Mushrooms L
Vegetable Okra L
Vegetable Olive L
Vegetable Onions L
Vegetable Peppers (all varieties) L
Vegetable Radish L
Vegetable Scallions L
Vegetable Spinach L
Vegetable Summer Squash L
Vegetable Sweet Potato L
Vegetable Tomatoes L
Vegetable Zucchini L


We hope you enjoyed our Glycemic Index of Paleo Diet Foods. Keep it Paleo!

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