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Paleo BBQ Chicken Royale, A Chicken Entrée

This Paleo BBQ Chicken Royale recipe is made with Paleo BBQ Pulled Chicken, bacon, Paleo Creamy Coleslaw, Paleo Dill Pickles and red onions. It is a really great picnic or summertime food that Angel and I make often. We also like to swap out the dill pickles with our Paleo Sweet Gherkins for a change. This recipe is also great as a sandwich, for a portable lunch.

What a week. My company had its national sales meeting in Orlando and I had to work the product floor. Not usually my thing, but we just got acquired and I wasn’t about to speak up about my not wanting to go. Turns out, I had a pretty good time and I really got to know some great people along the way. Maybe even made a few new friends – which was surprising and kinda cool. Just goes to show you that if you go into something with a positive outlook, it may just turn out better than you think! ….my feet would definitely disagree tho – too many hours standing on concrete in dress shoes! Either way, I’m totally pooped from my first day of crossfit in 2 weeks, rope burn and all, overly rough day. Time to get ready for dinner with Angel, then a show at The Elbow for his Aurora App.

Recipe: Paleo BBQ Chicken Royale



  1. Follow our instructions for our Paleo BBQ Pulled Chicken, Paleo Creamy Coleslaw, and Paleo Dill Pickles. Once everything is ready, just layer: coleslaw, chicken, pickles, sliced red onions, and crispy pan-fried bacon, then top with stoneground mustard.
  2. If you are a dairy eatin’ primal-er instead of paleo, I would slap a little muenster or gouda on this and it would be rockin!

Preparation time: 20 minute(s)

Cooking time: 25 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 4

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