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Paleo Bird’s Nest Breakfast, A Protein Breakfast

This Paleo Bird’s Nest Breakfast is a favorite in our household, similar to our Paleo Power Bowl breakfast. I recommend using our recipes for Angel’s Paleo Poached Eggs and Paleo Savory Sweet Potato Hash Browns, but you can use your favorites as well. This is a great power breakfast, for when you know you’re going to need a lot of energy! We like to eat this on workout days because it gives us our protein, and our starches early in the morning, which = eating guilt free sweet potatoes! Enjoy!

I know I keep saying this, but with family in town, I have to make this brief. I really haven’t had too much time to work on food, or write, or take images…so, later this week, I’ll get going again and we’ll get back to the norm. Anyway, this is really a great post, because we’ve made this a couple times since they’ve been in town. Its fast, easy to make for a lot of people, and tastes great. It’s even easy to take to work the next day or re-heat for breakfast…and you know, when you have company, its all about fast and easy!

PaleoBird’s Nest Breakfast

Angel’s Paleo Poached Eggs

1 lb Grassfed Ground Beef

Paleo Adobo Seasoning

Paleo Savory Sweet Potato Hash Browns

*Optional: Sriracha

Just follow the instructions for our Savory Hash Browns.

While those are cooking, season the ground beef with adobo seasoning (just a light dusting) and cook until no longer pink.

When the beef is almost done, start making Angel’s Poached Eggs and again, just follow the recipe.

Layer: sweet potato hash browns, beef, then eggs. Like hot sauce? Top it all with some sriracha!

Serves 4

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