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Paleo BLT with Egg & Mayo, A Paleo Sandwich

This Paleo BLT Sandwich with Egg & Mayo recipe is a classic breakfast or lunch with nitrite free bacon! We like to use our recipe for Paleo Oven-Baked Bacon, that way, we can cook our bacon while slicing everything else. Efficient!

I am fortunate enough to have a great guy who wakes up with me and cooks us breakfast most mornings (sometimes, it just isn’t gonna happen, but most). Anyway, Angel used to love this when we weren’t Paleo, but just because we stopped eating bread doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the things we love! Now that we have a Paleo Fluffy Bread recipe, we can even have it with the bread again!

Paleo BLT Sandwich with Egg & Mayo

1 large Egg

Paleo Oven-Baked Bacon

1 tsp Paleo Mayo

Bibb Lettuce

Vine Ripe Tomato slices

Coarse Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Paleo Fluffy Bread (pictured) or Paleo Biscuit

Optional: Hass Avocado

Optional: Red Onion

I like to use a little egg pan that was actually Angel’s idea to buy…I thought it was so stupid when he wanted to get those things, but now I’m addicted! Funny how life works, I eat my words often.

So we spray the pan with some grapeseed or coconut oil and plop one egg down with salt and pepper. While that cooks (and you can cook it whichever style you like…try our recipe for Paleo Sunny Side Up Eggs), take another pan and slap a slice of bacon in it…or try our Paleo Oven Baked Bacon – keeps them flat and drains the fat! …Anyways, in a pan, they’ll take about the same amount of time to cook, depending on how crispy you like your bacon (for this, I like mine with a little crunch!).

So, we’re cooking the egg and bacon, now’s a good time to cut the tomatoes, lettuce, and avocado (if you want avocado). The egg should have no transparency at this point…we’re ready to rock and roll.

I spread a little mayo on my biscuit or bread, then lettuce, then bacon, then tomatoes, then egg – that way (if you cook Paleo Sunny Side Up Eggs), when you break the egg, it runs down the whoooole thing. Or however…as you can see from the image, I wasn’t thinking of the order ;)

Avocados on the side or on the sandwich and serve with a sparkling glass of OJ.

Serves 1

Need a side? Try our Paleo Hash Browns, Paleo Homefries or Paleo Sweet Potato Chips!