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Paleo Caveman Kabobs, A Fast, Summer Cookout Meal Idea

For today, we have something a little less up close and personal – a real summertime favorite of mine – Paleo Caveman Kabobs. I love these because you can really add anything to them. Sweet potatoes? Sure. Broccoli? Sure. Lamb? Why not?! Have fun with it! And this recipe can be 100% Vegan too! Just omit the meats.

OOOK. So this is going to be one for the books. We are REALLY going Primal. …or so Angel says. Apparently, he feels it is important to connect with our food. To really understand where we come from, we should make a connection with how we get our food. So we bought a live rooster (which I have named Mr. Clucky – I know, I shouldn’t have named him) and we are going to prepare a true Paleo meal. I don’t want to have to get into details about what that means, but I’ll definitely have Angel do a blog about it (as he will be doing the work)! Stay tuned!!

Paleo Caveman Kabobs

1/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

6 Garlic cloves

1/3 cup Orange Juice

1/3 cup Lime Juice

½ tsp ground Cumin

1-2 Tbsp Paleo Adobo Seasoning

Coarse Sea Salt and Black Pepper (to taste)

*Fruits and Vegetables (we use Red onion, Mushrooms, Sweet Peppers and Pineapple)

*Meats (we like to use a variety: Shrimp, Chicken, Steak)

*First, let me say that I put the asterisks by veggies and meats because you need to gauge for yourself how much to make depending on how many people you are cooking for. Think 2 skewers per average female, 4 for males and you should be safe ;)

Cut all vegetables, fruit and meat to about 1” cubes. Dust all with Adobo seasoning, sea salt and pepper.

Mix the minced garlic, extra virgin olive oil, lime juice, orange juice and cumin. Pour over the fruits, veggies and meats (I put all of them in a bowl) and let it marinate for at least 20 minutes.

Then for the skewers: We have used both metal and wooden and I don’t think the taste is really different. If you are going to use wooden skewers, you should soak them in cold water for about 30 minutes prior to using, or they will splinter. …Maybe. …but do you really want to take that risk? Metal skewers are great because you can reuse them, which if you love the grill like we do, I would go this route.

So now you have your skewers and you marinated meats and such. Just go ahead and layer meats and veggies on your skewers. IMPORTANTE! Don’t use the marinade once you have used all of the contents for the skewers. If it had meat in it, you shouldn’t use it for anything else unless you are planning on cooking that item or you know that your meat source is so good you can eat it raw (just watchin out for you!).

Ps. Don’t crowd the food or it will take longer.

If loosely packed kabobs (touching, but not smashed), timed for medium-high heat on the grill, I’d put you at about 8-12 minutes total. Don’t forget to flip! If you want to do these in the oven, just line a baking sheet with tin foil or use a grill pan and heat that oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit – cook for 10-15 minutes… Don’t forget to still flip!!

For a complete meal, serve this with our Paleo Coleslaw, or Paleo Crispy Sweet Potato Fries!

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