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Paleo Cranberry Pomegranate Cocktail, A Holiday Drink

This is the time of year for holiday parties and this recipe for Paleo Cranberry Pomegranate Cocktail is always a crowd pleaser! Who doesn’t love this time of year? I know, I say it a lot, but its just great. I love the cooking and decorating and time off work. I love that everyone else spends time with their families, so business is slow and Angel is home more. I know its selfish, but its true. Today, we biked with Chance to the coffee shop, then out to the beach for some Frisbee into the ocean. He loves that water so much, we had a great time. Then came home and baked a revision to my Paleo Blueberry Muffins and new Paleo Cranberry Tangerine Breakfast Muffins, which I’ll post after this recipe.

Everyone wants to entertain, but sometimes, its hard to know what to serve. These juice cocktails are great for you and taste fantastic and refreshing. Even better? These festival cocktails taste great with or without alcohol – not sure if you should imbibe? Check out our Paleo Alcohol Guide to make sure.

Paleo Cranberry Pomegranate Cocktails 

½ cup Cranberries

¼ cup Cucumber

1 cup chilled Water

¼ cup Pomegranate Seeds

16 Mint Leaves

1 Tbsp raw Honey*

Juice of 1 Lime

Optional: ¾ cup Cachaça (or white rum if you don’t have this)

*We like to use a light-tasting honey like a Rapsflower Blossom Honey.

Put the cranberries, peeled cucumber and pomegranate seeds in a juicer or blender. If using a blender, strain out the seeds and extra pulp.

Combine the juice with the water, agave, lime and cachaça (you can use white rum here if you don’t have it). Place 4 mint leaves in the bottom of 4 glasses. Fill the glasses with the liquid, leaving room for ice.

Muddle to incorporate (so we want to smash the mint leaves into the bottom of the glass and release the oils into the drink with a pestle or muddler. You can strain these if you want, or leave them in so these look festive for the holiday).

Top with crushed ice and serve.

This recipe is Vegan!

Makes about 2 cups

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