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Paleo Dill Pickles, A Crunchy Burger Topping

These Paleo Dill Pickles are crunchy and tart, but not bitter and taste GREAT with any kind of BBQ, like our Paleo Boneless Pork Ribs. OMG, I love pickles. I know it’s hard to give them up. I tried, but I love them on burgers or on barbecue, or by themselves. Especially gourmet. So I decided to make some for when Angel got home from Utah. And not the hard kind that takes forever and you have to scrape the mold off the top – that doesn’t interest me at all. I’m in for the quick and dirty, so today, I’m sharing this recipe with you. We prefer to use all of the optional ingredients below, but if you want to save some money, they can easily be omitted and you’ll still have some really fantastic pickles…We’re absolutely in love!

So like I said, Angel just got back from his trip to Utah and he just had a great learning experience. He told me all about sales models and finishing touches to the project, the scenery (beautiful mountains if you’ve never been) and the food. He’ll have to blog a post to fill us all in, but it sounded like a great time! Best part? We may be partnering up with a farm there to bring you all some FANTASTIC Paleo bison jerky! It. Is. So. Good. You’re going to be amazed and we can’t wait to share!

Paleo Dill Pickles – No Fermentation Required!!

10-15 Salad Cucumbers

24 sprigs fresh Dill

8 Garlic cloves

8 cups Water

2 cups Coconut Vinegar

1/3 cup Fine Sea Salt

6 Tbsp minced Onion

2 tsp Garlic Powder

2 tsp raw Honey

1 tsp ground Mustard Powder

4 (1 Qt) Ball Mason Jars

Optional: 24 Carrot slices

Optional:40 Black Peppercorns

Optional:4 fresh Serrano Chiles with seeds (sans seeds or 20 Arbol Chiles)

MUY IMPORTANTE!  You can buy salad pickles from a regular grocery store and not worry about the wax issue for this recipe.  I bought them and they worked perfectly. Just in case you don’t have those fancy canning pickles, no worries!

Cut the cucumbers in half and put 4-5 cucumber halves, 8 sprigs of fresh dill, 6 carrot slices, 2 garlic cloves, 10 black peppercorns and 1 serrano chile (cut in half or 5 arbol chili peppers…unless you don’t like spicy, then leave these out) in each jar. Set aside for later.

In a medium saucepan, bring the minced onion, garlic cloves, garlic powder, coconut crystals, mustard, water, vinegar and sea salt to a boil and boil until the sea salt is completely dissolved.

Once the sea salt is dissolved (won’t take long), pour the hot liquids over the cucumbers and fill until they are covered. I like to make sure there is an even amount of onion in each. Screw the lids shut, mark the date and sit on the counter for 3 days, shaking randomly when you think about it.

After 3 days of the pickles sitting out on the counter, refrigerate overnight. The next day, they’re ready to eat! And they stay fresh for about a month, so go crazy!

This recipe is Vegan!

Makes about 10-15 pickles

Try these on our Paleo Pulled Pork!!