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Paleo Fig & Almond Cake, A Dried-Fruit Dessert

This Paleo Fig & Almond Cake is more like a compressed fruit side that we like to make to go alongside charcuterie and cheese Paleo cheats! We are in peak season now for the fig, and they are ripe and on sale all over the place! I think that the fig is an underappreciated fruit. Even dried, it has a medium glycemic index, which is better than a lot of fruits. It is also one of the most beautiful fruits. It can be savory or sweet and accompanies a wide variety of foods from cheese to other fruit to meat or salads. Just be sure when picking figs, to choose plump, soft figs without broken skin, as this fruit does not ripen once picked.

Angel and I have been thinking of creative ways to incorporate some education about food into our blogs…well, maybe not all of them, but hopefully a lot of them. I don’t know I’m trying to think of some really interesting stuff. Like info about wellness or the main ingredients or something. I definitely have my wheels a turning, but sometimes, its hard to know what direction I want to go in…I know, you’d think having all of the options in the world would make it easy, but sometimes, its hard to find focus.

Paleo Fig & Almond Cake

1 lb dried Black Mission Figs

¼ cup Almond Meal

¼ cup sliced Almonds

1-2 Tbsp Water*

1 tsp raw Honey**

1/8 tsp ground Nutmeg

1/8 tsp ground Cinnamon

* If you’re looking for a Paleo cheat, brandy works really nice here. It gives this dish a warm, fall spiciness.

**We like to use something a little sweet and savory, like Rapsflower Blossom honey.

In a food processor, process the figs – they should be almost a paste.

Mix all ingredients (except the water) with your hands until incorporated. If it is a little dry, add a little water until the mixture is sticking together. Press into a bowl or whatever shape you want the “cake” to be and let sit for 2 days at room temperature, uncovered.

Tastes great with Fresh Figs, Brie, Manchego, and Honeycomb for a delicious Paleo Cheat!