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Paleo Mango Cilantro Dipping Sauce, A Condiment with Lime

This Paleo Mango Cilantro Dipping Sauce recipe calls for a mango, which is a naturally sweet fruit. If you bought one and it’s a little hard, leave it at room temperature until it yields slightly to gentle pressure. It should not smell sour or alcoholic – if it does, it has gone too far. Mangoes are so sweet that they ferment naturally. So, this recipe is something unique. The delicate balance of flavors work well with lighter meats like chicken or fish, and because the mango is so sugary, you won’t need to add a sugar to balance the garlic. We like a little kick with ours, but if you do not like a little spicy to your food, just omit the peppers.

This weekend was a blast. We went to Dancing in the Streets in our hometown, Atlantic Beach FL…which is like a huge block party. They shut down first street by the beach and play live music and have food and drinks. We went biking and had a great time. This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I hope it’s half as fun as last weekend!

Spanish word of the day: verde (green)

Paleo Mango Cilantro Dipping Sauce 

1 Mango

2 Garlic cloves

1 Tbsp Paleo Sweet Chili Sauce

¼ cup Coconut Milk

¼ cup fresh Cilantro

3 Bird’s Eye Chili Peppers

Juice of ½ Lime

¼ tsp Coarse Sea Salt

Peel the mango, discarding the skin and core. Combine the mango flesh and all remaining ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. If you’re feeling slightly ambitious, I’d add all ingredients EXCEPT the cilantro, then add that at the end and just chop – so it adds a little texture to the sauce.

This recipe it Vegan!

Makes about 1 cup

Serve with our Paleo Chicken Satay!

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