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Paleo Mediterranean Chicken with Artichokes & Tomatoes

This Paleo Mediterranean Baked Chicken with artichokes and tomatoes is seasoned with kalamata olives, basil, parsley, thyme, oregano, garlic, and shallots and is the perfect dish to make when you don’t have a lot of time, but want something delicious. ….or you’re not the best cook in the world and you want to make something that feels more impressive, but doesn’t require a lot of skills in the kitchen. I’m hinting at all of you men – it is Mother’s Day…hint hint…cook for your wife/mother/sister/girlfriend {mothers} and win some major brownie points! So yes, today is Mother’s Day. I always like to make sure that my mom knows how much I love her – she is one of my absolute best friends. The best part of that is that she is always honest and patient with me, always out for my better interest, tells me what she thinks is best, even if it isn’t what I want to hear. I’ve learned so much about being a good person from her and I would be happy to turn out that great. She is such an amazing, beautiful, intelligent person and I am so lucky to have her as my mom! I am also very thankful to have Magda as my almost-mom. She is so loving and happy, she shows that even though we don’t speak the same native language. I couldn’t be luckier. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there, you have the gift of influencing and passing on a great wealth of knowledge…make sure cooking is one of those things! I know that I learned everything I know about putting love into my cooking from my mother – we couldn’t have this website if it weren’t for her, so I know I have a lot to be thankful for!

Recipe: Paleo Mediterranean Chicken


  • 4 Chicken Thighs
  • 2 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 1 Shallot
  • 3 Garlic cloves
  • 3 Vine Ripe Tomatoes
  • ½ cup Chicken Stock
  • 10 Kalamata Olives
  • 1 cup Artichoke Hearts
  • 6 fresh Basil leaves
  • ¼ cup fresh Parsley
  • 1 fresh sprig Thyme
  • 3 fresh Oregano leaves
  • ½ tsp Chili Flakes
  • ½ tsp Coarse Sea Salt
  • ½ tsp Black Pepper


  1. Dust the chicken thighs (we use boneless) on all sides with coarse sea salt and fresh-ground black pepper. Heat the olive oil on high heat in a pan large enough for all ingredients and once hot, add the chicken thighs. You want to brown them on all sides, this should only take a couple of minutes total.
  2. While the chicken is browning, slice the shallot into thin ribbons (we shoot for about 1/8”, but it doesn’t have to be exact). After the chicken is browned (this will seal in the juices), turn the heat down to medium (~5) and add the shallots to the chicken. Stir it around, making sure that nothing burns until the shallots are slightly tanned.
  3. Add the minced garlic to the shallots and chicken and continue to cook until fragrant, about 2 minutes. We don’t want to have garlic taste in our mouth after we’re done with dinner, so make sure that the garlic doesn’t burn, but is also cooked.
  4. Once fragrant, add the diced tomatoes (should equal about 2 cups), chicken stock, olives, roughly chopped artichoke hearts, 3 chopped basil leaves, 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley (we only want to add ½ of the basil and parsley so we can garnish at the end with fresh herbs), thyme, oregano, and chili flakes.
  5. Bring the ingredients to a simmer (boil, then reduce heat). Simmer at low heat (~3-4), covered, for about 20 minutes or until the chicken is fork tender.
  6. Serve and garnish with the remaining fresh herbs!
  7. This recipe is easily made Vegan, just swap the chicken stock for vegetable stock, omit the chicken, add squash and zucchini slices, and reduce the overall cook time!

Preparation time: 15 minute(s) Cooking time: 20 minute(s)

Diet tags: Low calorie, High protein, Gluten free

Number of servings (yield): 6

My rating 5 stars:  ★★★★★ 1 review(s)

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