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Paleo Pork Carnitas, A Paleo Taco Recipe

This Mexican food recipe for Paleo Pork Carnitas is made by braising pork with a combination of stock, peppers, citrus, garlic, cilantro and spices. The ingredients below, though my preferred favorites, can be easily flexible as long as you stay in the flavor family, which makes this recipe great for those “I need to clean out my fridge” days. So what exactly does that mean? Well, it means that you can use any type of pork from a roast to pork chops, any type of stock, any type of peppers (although if using something spicy like jalapenos, you will want to alter the amount), any type of citrus, and any type of onions. The redder your mix, generally the sweeter, but overall, you can pretty much throw in whatever. The other day, I made it was red bell peppers and oranges. Really, the garlic and cilantro matter…unless you have access to culantro, then you can sub the cilantro for that. OK, so really, just the garlic. Ha! I love carnitas, you pretty much just sear the meat and let it simmer for a few hours. I never spent the time to make them myself, even though I LOVE them… Who knows why? So the other day, I finally get around to it and I have to say, I’m pretty jazzed about it. If you like juicy meat that falls apart without being smushy, this is going to make your day. Notes? Make sure to sear the pork and then make sure it is covered with liquids and that’s it!

So we’ve been pretty quiet lately because for the first time, we have my parents and sister all staying in our house. It was fun to have everyone here. They even chose to watch us do the Tough Mudder. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a 12 mile run, with 20 different obstacles ranging from a mile of varying depths of mud that you have to trudge through, to a 30 degree water bath you have to submerge yourself in, to running through electric shock live wires. It was a lot of fun and I have to say, I’m proud of Angel and I for finishing it together! And no injuries is ALWAYS a good thing!

Paleo Pork Carnitas

3-4 lbs Pork Roast

2 cups Chicken Stock

2 cups Beef Stock

2 Cubanelle Peppers

Juice of ½ Red Grapefruit

6 Garlic cloves

1 Red Onion

½ cup Cilantro

2 Tbsp Pork Lard

1 tsp ground Cumin

1 tsp Coarse Sea Salt

½ tsp fresh milled Black Pepper

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Cut the pork into 2-3” chunks. If you don’t, that’s fine, but it may take a little longer. Combine the cumin, sea salt and black pepper and mix well with the pork chunks until they are thoroughly coated.

Heat the pork lard (or olive oil if you feel like that’s a little too out of your scope) over high heat in a stockpot big enough for all ingredients.

Once the fat is hot, add the seasoned pork. Brown the pork on each side (about a minute per side), to seal in the juices and create the consistency you want in your meat.

Roughly chop the peppers and quarter the onion. If you want it less spicy, leave out the seeds and veins, if you like it spicy, leave them in. Either way, remove the stems. There is no need to peel the onions or garlic. Smash the garlic cloves with the side of a knife to release the oils. Combine the peppers, onion, garlic, grapefruit juice, cilantro, chicken stock and beef stock and add them to the pork.

Bring all ingredients to a boil, making sure that the liquids cover the meat. If they don’t, add water or stock until the pork is covered.

Once boiling, turn the heat down to low (~3) and simmer, uncovered, for 3 hours, stirring occasionally. You’ll know when its done if it either A. falls off the bone or B. shreds easily with a fork.

We like to strain and save the stock for future recipes, then chop some fresh cilantro to serve, removing all of the braised veggies.

If you miss the feeling of a taco in your hand and want something to wrap this up in, try our Paleo Soft Taco Shells for a change of pace.

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 180 minutes (3 hours)
Number of servings (yield): 4-6
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