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Paleo Puerto Rican Coquito, A Holiday Drink

This recipe for Paleo Puerto Rican Coquito is a Puerto Rican classic, just like our Paleo Egg Nog is here in the U.S. I like it, it has a unique coconutty flavor and if you make it with the alcohol, its strong. You will want to definitely drink this out of a liquor glass (or shot glass if you’re super classy like us – but sip, don’t shoot it). I would also like to note that it is best to use the coconut milk from a carton – if you use the canned kind, it will be really thick and you’ll probably have to water it down with water. Just sayin.

2 for 1 Monday! Woo hoo! I’ll make this one short, as I posted already today and just let you all know that our tree still will not stand up on its own. We have tethered it to the wall and it is hanging at an angle. Dang. I think this year may be a slightly off, slightly crooked Christmas…

Paleo Puerto Rican Coquito

2 Eggs (at room temperature)

1 tsp Coconut Crystals

1 ½ cups Coconut Milk

½ tsp Vanilla Extract (or 1 Vanilla Bean, scraped)

1/8 tsp ground Cinnamon

pinch ground Allspice

pinch Coarse Sea Salt

Optional: ¼ cup Coconut Rum

Optional: ½ cup Cachaca (or light rum)

You’re going to love this one. Why? All you need to do is combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Refrigerate until VERY cold. Serve in small quantities unless you want to throw down. ;)

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