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Paleo Strawberry Soup, A Chilled Soup

This Paleo Strawberry Soup recipe is like a sweet, fruit gazpacho. It is fresh, chilled and should be served in small, appetizer bowls. And it’s naturally sweet. That’s right, we don’t add any sugar. I personally like it that way, but if you like it sweeter, I would add 1 tablespoon of rapsflower blossom honey. Otherwise, there are no notes here, just blend everything together, then chill until ready to serve…its just that easy!

You asked for it, and we’ve got it! This recipe is actually a fan request. I gave it a try yesterday and it must have been good because when I asked Angel to try it, he took a sip and then asked for a bowl. Then ate a little more later in the evening, so I’m thinking it was a success. I secretly love it when he goes back for seconds…it makes me feel like I hit one out of the park and that feels good.

Paleo Strawberry Soup

2 cups Strawberries

1 cup Orange Juice*

1 cup Coconut Milk

1 Vanilla Bean

5 Mint leaves

*If you are squeezing fresh oranges, you may want to use ½ cup orange juice, as fresh has a much stronger flavor than pre-squeezed juice (even if it is 100% not from concentrate without pulp – which is what we used). Add a little more coconut milk or water if you need it to be a thinner consistency if you are fresh-squeezing the oranges.

First, hull the strawberries, discarding the leafy tops. Then roughly chop them and add them to a blender. Add the orange juice, coconut milk, and mint leaves to the strawberries.

Next, you’ll want to cut the vanilla bean lengthwise, then scrape the paste (seeds) out of the inside and add that paste to the blender as well. Puree until smooth, then serve chilled and garnish with strawberries.

This recipe is Vegan!

Serves 2

This soup is great with our Paleo Cobb Salad or Paleo Summer Salad!