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Paleo Teriyaki Shrimp, An Asian-Glazed Seafood

This Paleo Teriyaki Shrimp has a sweet and savory sauce made with coconut aminos, ginger, and sweetened with maple syrup. There’s something about teriyaki sauce that speaks to everyone. It is so simple to make and I really don’t know too many people who don’t like it. So, in my eyes, its important to have a really good teriyaki recipe on hand. It’s nice to know that when tasked with cooking for a group, you have an easy, go to recipe that can be translated into any meat. Literally any meat, like our Paleo Teriyaki Salmon! So we’re following up our Paleo Teriyaki Shrimp recipe with a 2 part recipe block today to cover a few of our bases. Enjoy!

NOTE: Shrimp can go from great to rubbery very quick. Once the shrimp look like they’re pink about halfway through, flip them and then be prepared. They should be taunt, with a little give, but not hard. Hard = Rubberband.

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Paleo Teriyaki Shrimp 

24-30 raw jumbo Shrimp

Paleo Adobo Seasoning

2 Tbsp Chives

1 Tbsp Olive oil

Paleo Teriyaki Sauce

Fresh Milled Black Pepper

Make the Paleo Teriyaki Sauce first according to the directions.

Heat the oil over medium-high (~6) heat. Dust the shrimp with Paleo Adobo Seasoning on each side. Add to hot pan, cooking until no longer translucent (about 4 minutes).

Once cooked through, toss in Paleo Teriyaki Sauce and top with chives & black pepper.

This recipe is Pescetarian!

Serves 4

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