Paleo Do’s and Don’ts


The Paleo Diet solution mimics our hunter and gatherer ancestors. So if you can find or kill it in nature, you can eat it…essentially. For those of you that would like the hard core rules ironed out, so here we go with our Paleo Do’s and Don’ts.

Eat Your Vegetables: Eat as many and as much fresh or frozen vegetables as you want. Go organic and live it up. And don’t be shy, these can be eaten raw or cooked, any way you like! If you are interested in weight loss, you will want to limit your intake of tubers because of the high starch content. If you plan to eat these (see below), try to make sure that you shoot for earlier in the day or prior to working out.

No Dairy: Nope. Did you know that humans are the only species to continue to drink milk after infancy? Did you know that dairy is an immune system stressor and everyone is allergic to cow dairy to some extent? The Bottom Line? Avoid all Dairy – this includes milk, butter, cream, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, etc. etc.

Go Carnivore: Try to focus on moderate to high animal protein. Your body craves it and your wasteline will thank you. I used to be vegetarian and I must tell you, after 20 years of not eating beef or pork, I feel better now than I ever did as a vegetarian. If you don’t have serious PETA morals, go back to meat. And yes, that means even fattier cuts like bacon and ribs. We eat a variety of poultry, seafood, red meats and eggs – all wild caught or grass fed (as the hormones will mess up your system…have you seen how big kids are today??? Not. Natural.)

Avoid Most Starches: No corn products, no potatoes (except sweet potatoes), no rice, no breads. If you feel you need rice, try cauliflower. You can food process it and spice it up to help you get over the hump…its surprisingly good! The exception here is tubers like sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, rutabagas, turnips and plantains (among others) – these are OK. Try to think “Can I Eat It Raw?” and if the answer is YES, then you can eat it on the Paleo diet. See our recipes for other ways to mimic the foods you may miss (including cookies!).

No Processed Foods: If it comes in the freezer section or in a box, you probably can’t eat it. It is most important that you avoid nitrates. So watch out for those (especially in things like bacon and sausage, as they make some that is grass fed and without nitrates like Applegate Farms).

Yes to Oils: Good oils to use (and use them plenty) include coconut (our favorite for cooking), palm, avocado, sesame, grape seed, and olive oil. Avoid corn, cottonseed, peanut, soybean, rice bran, and wheat germ oils. Avoid any foods made with these oils (yes, that means in foods like chips and mayo…whether it is organic or not).

No Grains: None. Nada. Not even corn (yes, corn is a grain). And I’ll tell you why. Wheat has gluten and all grains have a very high glycemic index – which means that these foods carry sugar too rapidly into the bloodstream. For more details, read “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf. He details the internal effects of going Paleo in length and it’s really a fantastic read.

Legumes (Beans, Peas, Peanuts): You might be thinking these are ok, but consider: even though I can find it in nature, can I eat them raw? And the answer to legumes (in most scenarios) is no. Go ahead, eat a raw kidney bean and tell me if it’s tasty. Prior to agriculture, legumes were very rare and were not a staple in our diets. They contain lectins, saponins or protease inhibitors that are bad news for our hormonal and immune system. There are pseudo-exceptions – peas and green beans. They contain much lower levels of lectins, so if you don’t have autoimmune or digestion issues, you could eat these sparingly. See Rob’s book again for more info.

Fruits & Fruit Juices: We eat all the fruits we want, but again, if you are trying to lose a vast amount of weight, I would limit your intake, as fruits contain a lot of sugar. Remember, the sugar is natural, but its still sugar! Go organic. If you are drinking juices, go for organic, not from concentrate, non-blends. If you are in for the weight loss, see our Glycemic Index to see which foods are higher and lower in sugar.

Nuts: If you can find it in nature, you can eat it. So cashews, pecans, almonds, walnuts, etc. are ok. They have essential oils, fats and proteins that are good for you, but keep it to a minimum. The logic behind this is that nuts contain phytic acid (commonly found in grains and legumes), which interferes with enzymes we need to digest our food. Moderation is OK, but if you eat a lot, it can lead to mineral deficiencies like osteoporosis. Think Caveman: How many nuts could you find in nature, crack, and eat before you gave up? …about a handful I’m assuming, which is about right (1-2 ounces a day).

Salt: Do not use iodized salt, go for sea salt instead if you need it. I say this based on the fact that sea salt requires less processing, not because of the iodine. You can have a little salt, but as salt was not common in the Paleo era, it should not be common in your diet.

Booze: Let’s be honest. It’s hard to give up the booze. If you’re after finding the best health benefits you can obtain, cut it out…but if you can’t give it up, you can do it Paleo-style. We drink wine (as it is gluten free) that is organically grown and beer that is gluten free or hard ciders. Rob Wolf also recommends what he calls the “Nor-Cal” Margarita. Its soda water, lime and 100% agave tequila. This is also something that we drink occasionally. If you have severe auto-immune disease or allergies, we have an alcohol guide that details the contents of each type of alcohol, so you can make the best choices for your body. For more information, see our Paleo Alcohol Guide.

Nix the Sugars: No soft drinks, no koolaids, no processed fruit snacks, etc. Remember, if it comes ready made, you probably shouldn’t eat it. We do have Paleo friendly dessert recipes for cookies and more, but they should be treats, eaten rarely.

Portion Control: Eat as much of these foods as you want! If you need to seriously lose some pounds, you may want to consider limiting you intake of fruits and nuts, but otherwise, go wild!

Supplements: Are not entirely necessary, but if you have questions regarding this topic, drop us a note and we’ll give you a recommendation list.

Eating Schedule: Don’t keep a schedule. Eat when you are hungry, don’t eat when you aren’t. You will have days where you go all day with no food and others where you eat every few hours. This is normal. Just do what feels natural.

Cheating: It is normal and OK to have a cheat every now and again. Just remember that cheating doesn’t mean go out and eat 4 pizzas, drink a gallon of soda and 6 packs of French fries. You can eat non-Paleo foods from time to time, but keep it under control. We like to reserve these moments for when we have parties or holidays, special occasions, and at times, a little great, grass fed cheese.


  1. Meg

    Great artical! thanks for your effort! I have picked up a simple to follow saying that helps me everyday! If you can’t pick it or kill it don’t eat it. I cant belive the rubbish people eat today! Things that don’t remotely resemble food at all! They wonder why they are so poorly or overweight. My family now grow a lot of our own greens. I try to live chemical free! (im not a hippy! I wear deodorant) I have never been more healthy. I have stopped alcohol as I see this as a main factor in society breakdown & many common aliments.
    Thanks again

    • Meg,

      Thanks for the comments! We’re always so glad when we can help make Paleo easier, as we really do see the benefits of the lifestyle for ourselves. I think its great that you have the ability to grow your own greens! I wish we could do that, but space does not allow. I think you definitely have the right idea and we share a similar ideology: If you can’t eat it raw without getting sick, you don’t need to be eating it at all. Kudos on eliminating alcohol from your diet…that is very hard for a lot of people (including myself, as I love a glass of wine every now and again). Maybe we’ll have to take a page from your book and see how that goes!

      We’re so happy to hear from you and thanks again!
      Meghan and Angel

    • Steve

      Age 43 and I am feeling bloated, depressed, lethargic and unable to sleep soundly. I also smoke about 1/2 pack of cigarettes a day.. argh. I used to be in great shape in my 20’s to early 30s.

      I’ve been Paleo for only a week and already I feel remarkably better and all the above problems have been reduced significantly. Well except the smoking! But I’ve decided to do one lifestyle change at a time. I gotta say though I only smoke a few cigarettes a day. As the general well being really takes away the urge for them too!

      I’ve gotten a lot of great info from this thread thanks!!


  2. Christian

    Is quinoa an acceptable part of the Paleo diet? While it is cooked like a grain it is technically a seed so I feel like it is a more acceptable option. Thoughts?

    • Technically, quinoa is neither a grain or a grass. It is technically a seed, which by definition alone, is Paleo in my book. But here’s the part that makes us steer clear from it most of the time… Quinoa, although high in protein and fiber, rates a 53 on the glycemic index, which is pretty carb intensive. (which causes an intense spike in insulin response). If you are watching your glycemic index, that means that 150g of quinoa has about the same glycemic index as a banana, which is high. It also contains a protein in it that causes a Celiac reaction in many people, as well as stomach issues.

      But at the end of the day, if you don’t have issues digesting quinoa, I would say that it is OK to eat, in moderation.

    • Omar

      You also mention saponins above on legumes. Unfortunately quinoa is coated in saponins. Quinoa must VERY throughly washed before eating because these saponins create havoc for our enzymes. Had this happen to me first hand. But as a replacement for rice, corn, and wheat grains, it is a great way to go. It is higher in fiber. You make a good point about glycemic index. I think quinoa is a good stepping stone to going completely paleo. I myself am weaning myself off all grains and legumes. Quinoa is a great substitute.

    • bob

      technically all grains are seed.
      oats, rye, wheat etc.. can all be planted prior to grinding (except when treated)
      quinoa like amaranth and millet all have finer seeds than those listed above
      i do agree that they fall into a different category (less starch, primarily cooked whole and gluten free) and fit nicely into paleo diet in moderation of course.
      rice, now there is a good one. wild rice has long been gathered for consumption…

  3. maggie

    This is one of my first issues I have read on my quest to “investigate” paleo. i am a health nut and BIG on the science behind food and how it effects your insides, down to the cell level. I agree with many of the practices of paleo but I have an issue with one of the reasons you gave behind why not to eat legumes and grains, you said that they cannot be eaten raw so they are a no go. well how about meat? can you eat that raw? NO and i hope nobody tries to refute me on that…. Im having a hard time understanding why youre saying that legumes and grains, especially good grains with lots of soluble fiber (which is EXCELLENT for you and your GI tract) are not good for us. Please explain, im not trying to be argumentative but if i am going to be sold on the paleo thing then I need to understand and agree. Thanks!

    • When Angel came up with the idea, I told him the exact same thing – prove it to me. So I will recommend the same thing that changed my mind: The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. This book dives into the science of Paleo in a BIG way, from hormones to digestion and if you are into that part, it will address all of your questions and more. I can only offer advice from what I’ve read in that book, and until you get your hands on it, here is the summation of what I grasped from the contents:

      Grains and legumes have proteins in them called lectins. Lectins are found in animals and plants and have protective functions from recognizing pathogens to controlling protein levels in the blood. The problem here is that when they are found in plants, they do the same – protect the plant. So when you eat legumes, this lectin can cause intestinal distress including diarrhea, nausea, bloating, vomiting, etc. Cooking beans can help to lower lectins, but they are very heat resistant, so it doesn’t cook them all out. Now I’ll dive into what that really means…

      Wheat contains a lectin called wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) and these lectins like to glom onto the walls of your intestines. When they cross into your intestines, your body interprets the lectin as a foreign invader and creates antibodies to respond. The problem here is that lectins look a lot like other parts of your body, so the antibodies go crazy on things they shouldn’t. When the antibodies attack healthy tissue, this is where celiac disease, lupus and multiple sclerosis arise.

      To top it off, as lectins make their way through your body, they damage the walls of your intestines, which creates holes in your intestinal tract, allowing particles to slip through and be released into your blood stream – this is how food sensitivities start. When this happens often, your immune system gets very overwhelmed and can start attacking things at random. The symptoms from this can range from migraines to depression.

      Again, we are not physicians, just advocates of the Paleo diet. We highly recommend that you buy the book, and if you have any pre-existing conditions, consult with a physician before you make any drastic changes to your diet. That being said, Paleo has changed our lives for the better and we hope you find this information helpful.

      Good Luck!
      The Paleo Effect

    • maggie

      Thank you!! Your response definitely caught my attention esp regarding the auto immune diseases, i’ve studied many of them and it makes sense. I am looking forward to checking out the book! Thanks again!

    • Anytime! We’re always available for questions either through our email or facebook. I think you will be very happy with the book too, let us know what you think! Good Luck! Paleo Effect :)

    • Blake

      Actually, you can absolutely eat meat raw. That is the idea behind sushi, beef tartare, etc. Meat from an uninfected animal is completely safe to eat raw as long as it is consumed in a timely manner from the kill and stored appropriately in between. In fact, the meat of a living organism is one of the most sterile environments there are, it is only after the organism dies and the immune system stops its constant vigilance that microorganisms can just begin to effectively invade. So, as long as the meat is fresh and has been kept cold, sanitary, and free from disease sources such as the bowels it will be perfectly safe if eaten raw. The reason I would NOT recommend eating any old raw meat from the grocery store, however, is that you cannot be assured of the way the meat was processed and stored or how long it has been prior to it reaching you. But if, say, you had a fresh kill form a hunt (like our Paleo ancestors) and wanted to delve in immediately, nothing could be more nutritious.

    • Blake, COMPLETELY AGREE. Many people on our site get very worked up when we say its OK to eat raw meat if you know where it is coming from and it is safe, but its true. You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for writing in with this very well put comment and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

    • Omar

      A great book to also read about the effects of wheat and wheat germ is the Wheat Belly. On my path to paleo, the first thing I cut out completely is wheat. I have been wheat free for 8 months. No more bloating, no more gas, no cramps. I used to be lactose intollerant, i’m not anymore. Cutting wheat allowed me to re-add dairy to my diet. (yes dairy eventually got cut for paleo, but you see my point). There are two issues with wheat: wheat allergy and gluten intollerance. Two different monsters, but both quite bad. All of us have a wheat allergy on some level whether minor or not. I workout like a freak, and cutting wheat actually has increased my strength and speed. You don’t need it. Plenty of better sources of fiber, protein, and complex carbs out there.

    • Susie

      Of course you can eat meat raw and people do it all the time. Look up Steak Tartare, Carpaccio & raw Kibbeh to name a few. I’m not trying to be argumentative either, but you seem to be so sure of your statement when you are in fact, mistaken.

  4. Michael

    You guys are great and love this site. I started my paleo switch over the winter and lose some fat. I strayed from it around the holidays and was very sorry about that. I have been back into the lifestyle for about a week (took only a couple days to get over the fatigue and cravings for starches) and I feel awesome. I purchases the Paleo Diet Cookbook by Dr. Lorenzo Cordain and have found some great recipes; also drank my first paleo protein smoothie this morning. This gave me tons of energy to swim a half mile and run 3 miles a couple hours later (of course I ate other paleo foods between).

    I have one last hurdle to get over….cream and raw sugar in my coffee. I am going to work my way to black coffee, but this is something I need to work on. I am not a big beer drinker by any means, but I am going to switch to Woodchuck Cider when I do.

    Tones of great information on your page! Keep it up….you inspire!

    Thank you!

    • Michael,

      You inspire us with your story and that is why we keep on posting! Thank you so much taking the time and for the kind comments! If you are looking for an alternative to cream and sugar, try coconut milk (its sweeter than regular milk, which resembles cream in taste and texture – the stuff in the can (Thai Kitchen is our favorite) is thick and fantastic. For sweetener, you can cut it altogether, or try green leaf stevia. It’s a plant, it’s Paleo, and its a million times sweeter tasting than sugar, so you only need a pinch. It also has an incredibly low glycemic index, which is great. Of course, if you want to cut out the sweeteners altogether, we’re all for that as well ;)

      Thank you again and good luck on your Paleo journey!
      ~The Paleo Effect

    • Cat

      (I have one last hurdle to get over….cream and raw sugar in my coffee. I am going to work my way to black coffee, but this is something I need to work on.)

      — Even though you shouldnt really have coffee on the Paleo Diet because of the caffeine — or so ive read, i put unsweetened almond milk and stevia as sweetener in my teas and coffee! Try it, its delicious :)

    • Anonymous

      You should try it with coconut milk instead of cream… I think it is really good and I was a flavored creamer and sugar coffee drinker before!

  5. YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve recently “gone Paleo” and I happen to love woodchuck… Until I saw your recipe for the chicken with woodchuck, I had no idea that I was already making a good choice! I thought it probably had sugar in it… but apparently it has no added sugar?

    • Woodchuck does have some sugar in it, so if you were looking for a no sugar alternative, then I will have to disappoint you, sorry! We try to promote healthy alternatives to those who are living a Paleo lifestyle, not just in it for the weight loss aspect. If you are looking to loose weight, I would not recommend drinking a lot of these a day, but if you are wanting a beer that doesn’t have any gluten, wheat, unnatural preservatives, nitrates or nitrites, then this is a good alternative. If you just want something alcoholic, we recommend a Nor-cal (Robb Wolf’s creation): tequila, soda water and lime. Other acceptable forms of alcohol are rum (made from sugar cane), organic wine, or cognac (made from grapes). Again, if weight loss is the goal, these things are going to make it harder, but if you are maintaining a Paleo lifestyle, as we are, then I would say they are OK in moderation. I hope this helps and thank you for your comments!
      ~Paleo Effect

  6. Sheryl

    My husband and I have make the decision to go Paleo. We are towards the end our first week and I’ve got to say so far it’s easier than I thought, at least for me. I’m not a huge drinker, but when I do drink it’s Woodchuck, so I am happy to see that I don’t have to change my beverage of choice in that department. I’ve already noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and waking up wide awake in the mornings vice feeling groggy. I am also less than 2 weeks post surgery, and I feel like I am recovering at super speed.

    Going to the grocery store the first time after making the decision was very interesting. I was worried that I would be tempted by our normal, processed buys, but something amazing took place. I don’t know if it was my conscious shift of “I’m doing this” or what, but I swear I turned my nose up at everything in sight. That also included selections of fruits and veggies that were not organic. It took me 3 separate grocery stores until I found “The Motherload” store. I now have a store where I can find everything I want and need, and for a decent price.

    I’m part Italian and pasta and break have been a focal point in my diet. However, finding Paleo recipes for bread using coconut flour will help me fulfill any cravings I have in that department. I haven’t found any recipes for a Paleo pasta, except for using spaghetti squash or zucchini, but I am sure if there is a version for bread, there is a version out there for pasta.

    Our biggest hurdle is trying to convert our kids to the best of our abilities. I have a feeling we’re still going to have to cheat with them from time to time and build them up to a full on Paleo diet at home. However, when they are at school and they are given food for birthday parties, class parties, etc. we know those moments are out of our hands. Who wants to be the mom that says “no cake for you!?” Not something elementary age children are going to completely understand. So we shall do what we can, when we can.

    • Sheryl,

      Thank you for your comments, its stories like yours that give us a reason to continue to give back to the Paleo community. We’re so happy that you are noticing results in the way your body is responding to going Paleo! Its amazing how the lifestyle can change you, we had a very similar experience. As for the kids, we have friends who have had success in converting, but they have paired the Paleo with a focus on teaching their kids the WHY part of what they eat. Surprisingly enough, the kids make healthy decisions most of the time, which speaks to their adaptability. We think you have a healthy, realistic outlook on the subject and really hope it works out! As for the pasta, we haven’t tried that yet, but will put it on the menu as soon as we figure it out! Thanks again and Good luck on your Paleo journey!
      ~Paleo Effect

    • sunshine

      Hi Sheryl! We’ve recently started using Shiratake noodles… they’re made from yam flour.

    • Just to throw this out there, but careful with the Shiratake noodles. I don’t know which brand or type you are using, but many of what I have seen are made with Japanese yam flour AND tofu – which is soy…and soy is not Paleo. If you are predominantly interested in the gluten free part of the product (and not necessarily Paleo), I’ve heard good things about them.

      Thanks for the comments and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

    • Anonymous

      I started the Paleo Diet six days ago and was excited to find pasta in the gluten-free section of the aisle. It is gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free. I surely hope this fits into the plan. Carla

    • Carla,
      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is a VERY slim chance that the gluten free pasta you found is Paleo. Most gluten free pastas are made from rice or brown rice flours, corn, potato starch, buckwheat flour, sorghum flour, or millet flour, etc. etc….and unfortunately, none of these ingredients are considered Paleo. You will want to read the ingredients lists to be sure and if you still don’t know, write them in a response to this and we’ll help you sort it out.
      Thanks for writing in and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

    • S.A.

      I’ve had good success with this Paleo Pasta recipe:

      I’ve also substituted in come chestnut flour for the almond flour and it was hearty and yummy. The dough can be a little fussy but even if it feels a little dry when you are working with it, it should come together nicely when cooked.

    • We’ll have to try it and see how it goes! Thanks for the shout out and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  7. Juan

    Great Site…. I have lost 45 pounds already but I’m a little stock. I think that after 5 months in the diet I need to follow again the basics and start doing fasting from time to time to shred 60 more.

    • Thank you for your kind comments, Juan. We’re glad that the Paleo diet has been working for you! We like to go back to absolute basics from time to time as well, but don’t forget to listen to your body when it comes to fasting, you don’t want to do too much. You’re doing great so far, just keep it up! And if you need any help along the way, we’re always here!
      ~Paleo Effect

    • Julia

      Oh, if only.On the upside, I’m glad to see that you’re maknig resolutions to be healthier. Usually, people start them in the beginning of the year, but at least you’ll be miles ahead — pun intended — of those by then.Hope the rest of your weekend is good!

  8. Lauren

    Are sweet potatoes allowed? Minus the extra cinnamon and sugar everyone loads on of course?

    • Lauren,
      My short answer is yes, sweet potatoes are a tuber that can be eaten raw and they are Paleo. My long answer is it really depends on what you want to get out of the Paleo lifestyle. If you are trying to lose weight, I would recommend that you avoid these starchy root vegetables. Eat them sparingly and only before you work out. If you are just changing your lifestyle (like Angel and myself), then you can eat them freely (I still recommend eating them before a work out or earlier in the day, as they are a starch after all). You’ll find that we have quite a few recipes for them (even a sugary casserole for Thanksgiving…treats!). I hope this helped and Keep It Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

    • Julie

      Along those same lines, corn can be eaten raw so why is corn not allowed? I get the starchy thing but is there something else I am missing?
      I am on day 2 and am a bit concerned about always being pressed for time. Can you make recommendations about when you are out and about and just need to grab something. Yesterday I was starving and ate 2 100 calorie packs of raw almonds and was not satisfied.
      I also agree with the other poster who said it will be difficult to convert their children. Mine love meats, chicken etc but are not as big on fruits and veggies. Also I am Type I diabetic and have been since the age of 6. People always ask me, how do you do it, etc. One thing my mom never did when I was a child was tell me no. If I went to a birthday party and wanted a piece of cake fine. Half the time I didn’t want it anyway. As an adult I never eat sweets and thankfully don’t crave bread etc. I haven’t had pasta in years. I think this lifestyle will be great for me but I have to admit that I do frequently grab meals on the go. Thanks so, so much for this site. I LOVE IT!!!!

    • Julie,

      Yes, corn is a starch, but really all that means is that it has a higher glycemic index and your body will react to those sugars accordingly. The main issue with corn is that it really is just a food that is void of nutrients. Ever notice how your body doesn’t want to digest corn? Its because there is nothing there of nutritional value that your body wants. On top of that, it is high in phytic acid, a defense mechanism of the plant, which can cause mineral deficiencies. On top of that, a lot of commercial corn comes from GMO strains, so if you are going to eat a little fresh corn, better to grow it yourself or buy local, organic and ask about the seeds.

      As for time, I like to make a little extra the night before of the plain protein or vegetable I cook for dinner, so I can take it with me to work the next day and spice it differently. I try to be strategic. So if I am making BBQ chicken for dinner, I make a couple extra chicken breasts and make chicken salad for lunch (only takes a minute or two for the dressing). Snacks include trail mix, jerky, homemade applesauce, raw veggies with our Ranch dressing, our snack bars, etc. When out and about, first always ask about gluten free alternatives – a lot of restaurants have them. If not, then try to stick to the basics – whole foods. The less exciting the food, the safer it is usually – grilled chicken, salad w/o dressing, salmon w/mixed veggies, etc. Or, carry something to snack on with you (like I do, as Angel and I both get grumpy when we get hungry).

      As for the not satisfied part, I would suggest starting the day off with breakfast and making sure you have some protein in there. Eggs, leftover chicken, a spinach omelet (also, many of our breakfast items are easily frozen and taste good re-heated, so you can always make in advance if pressed for time). Eat when you are hungry, but try to get in breakfast. You’re new to this, so give it a little time to cleanse your system and then you shouldn’t feel the urge to eat as often (or at least that has been our experience).

      For the kids, this is something I need to research more. I was brought up in a home where my parents said no often, but also let us have treats occasionally and I attribute my healthy eating habits to those lessons taught at an early age. I believe no matter what nutrition you teach your children, there has to be quite a bit of transparency about the WHY part. The answers CAN’T just be “Because I said so”, there needs to be education there as well. Those of you that are trying to convert spouses and children are amazing to me – I really have so much respect for the dedication it takes to make it work.

      I hope that this lifestyle change works for you as well as it has worked for Angel and myself. Remember, the key to making this work is commit to it and then plan ahead. Make extra food so you have something to turn to if you get hungry, if you don’t, you’ll turn to what is easy – and trust me, if you do this enough, it will become easy.

      Best of Luck and thanks for the love! ~Paleo Effect

  9. I am allergic to gluten so lately i have been wondering if i should go on the paleo diet. This is the first thing i have read about the diet. It’s supper helpful and i really understand the bad things about it, but i was wondering about the fruit. Isn’t fruit full of healthy sugars? Natural sugars? Good fat? along with nuts, the good fat? I eat probably 4 apples a day and 2 bananas and i’ve always thought that was good for me. I would just love to know the facts behind that, especially if i want to go paleo.

    • Hailee,

      If you are allergic to gluten, then the Paleo diet would be a perfect fit. No gluten here! You can trust that nothing on our site has even a trace of it, so yes, I would highly recommend it for you. Keep in mind that we are not doctors, just practitioners with a passion for food, so if you have any medical history of disease OTHER than the gluten issue, consult with your doctor.

      For the fruit:
      While fruit is good for you, it does have sugar in it. Yes, its natural sugar, but the body still stores fat and processes it as a sugar. So, if you are a regular-sized, moderately active individual with no history of disease, I would say that you could eat all of the fruit you like. If you are trying to lose weight, I would stick to fruits that have a lower glycemic index (we are actually releasing our glycemic index guide this week) or just eat less fruit.

      …and nuts:
      While nuts have good fats and protein and essential oils, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Nuts also have phytic acid – which interferes with enzymes we need to digest our food. Diets high in phytic acid can cause mineral deficiencies like osteoporosis (many of which are found more prevalently in societies where grains are a staple part of the diet). So, can you eat nuts? Of course, just eat them in moderation.

      I hope this helps, we’ll be sure to make a note on the Paleo Do’s and Don’t about the fruit and nuts, and thanks for your comments!

      ~Paleo Effect

    • Bonei

      My paleo quick breakfast: Omelet mfinufsI learned this great recipe from someone at the paleo potluck but sadly forget who!Anyways, it took me like 30-45 on Sunday and I had breakfast for the whole week!Took about 8-10 eggs (depends on how many you want to make) I’m going to try to use mostly egg whites next timechopped mushroomschopped chiveschopped steamed broccoliassorted seasoning (salt, pepper, cayenne pepper for some spice)I whipped up the eggs in a mixing bowl then tossed in the mushrooms, chives, broccoli and spices and just whipped it all together. I then took a cupcake pan (make sure to spray it with pam or whatever you prefer if you do not use cupcake cups they will stick to the pan). Then I just poured the omelet type mixture in about 3/4 of the way up in each cup and put it in the over for about 10 minutes, just keep checking until the eggs have risen and start to get slightly brown. May take less time than that or more depending on the size of the mfinufs. After they cooled I just stored them all in a container in my fridge and just grab a couple each morning, throw them in the microwave add a couple splashes of tabasco and I am out the door. This was very simple, delicious and great to have if you don’t have time to prepare eggs in the morning. You can add any vegetable or even meat you prefer just take your favorite omelet and put it in muffin form!

    • Sounds like some great ideas! We do this too and freeze them for later use. Its always good to have some quick and easy breakfasts on hand! Thanks for the comments and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  10. Kirstie Beard

    GREAT SITE … I am on my first weak of Paleo and this finally breaks down the do’s and don’ts.

    My two questions are:
    1) currently I am on day 6 of Paleo and have never eaten this many fresh fruit and veggies in my life, however I am now getting sick. Just wanted to know if this was a normal response to cutting out sugar, starch, etc. to a body that is use to it. Also, if it is, what’s a “normal” recovery time, knowing that normal depends from person to person.

    2) What veggies will give you the most bang for your buck. There are far too many answers on the internet to weed through, so I thought I’d go straight to someone who has done Paleo with success. For instance, I am still fighting mid-day fatigue and need a veggie with an energy boost. Also, I worry that as I fight off whatever cold I am getting I need to eat things with the most nutrients that still follow Paleo.

    Hoping you can provide some answers and again really great site!

    • Kirstie,
      Thank you for the kind words about the site, we really try hard to keep it relevant and easy to understand, as making this switch takes some adjustment. In answer to your questions:

      1. EVERYONE that I know that went Paleo went through this. It is completely normal to feel like you are going to go to the bathroom at any moment throughout the day. It is your system cleansing itself of all those nasty toxins, built up gunk, processed yuckies and everything else that your body doesn’t want. No worries though, both Angel and my recovery times were similar – his at 12 days and mine at 9 (I was eating healthier when we started). After the initial cleansing, your body will sync itself up and you’ll run like clockwork. So you’re almost there, don’t give up!

      2. I will start with my blanket statement and that is: If you get variety and stay Paleo, once your body is done cleansing, you should get everything you need without having to try, BUT key word is VARIETY. Try to get as many colors in your mouth as you can throughout the day. Now, in general, I like to get leafy greens and broccoli in at least once a day because they are high in B & C Vitamins that help with energy. For winter months, peppers are great because they are Vitamin C also, which is good for your immune system. If you aren’t trying to lose weight, sweet potato at lunch will help with your energy levels as well.

      I’m in the middle of writing a super-foods article that I’ll try to finish up in the next week. That should be provide a better breakdown as well.

      I hope this helped and thank you for your comments, questions and kind words!
      ~Paleo Effect

  11. Katey

    Thank you! I am planning to start eating paleo and this is very helpful! I have two questions. Is that ok? (please say yes!) And second, I have a two year old daughter. What are your thoughts on children eating paleo. I am concerned with cutting out dairy and feeding her this much meat.

    • Katey,
      First, let me say welcome to Paleo! We’re so happy that you’re getting serious about your health! In answer to your questions:

      The jury is out with coffee. In plants, caffeine functions as a defense mechanism to kill insects and protect the species. Because of the toxic nature of the plant, I would normally say no, this is not Paleo. The only difference between this bean and other beans is that other beans will make you sick from the toxins, but this bean will ramp you up. See where the gray area is? We personally believe that a little coffee with caffeine is OK. Its even been known to help the body function at a high capacity. Just drink it in moderation and if you are an addict, mix in a little decaf.

      As for your daughter, there are quite a few blogs out there about going Paleo for children. I know there will be some reading up that you will need to do to make sure that you are covering everything she needs, but as we don’t have children, we really haven’t researched it much. For example: states that most children in the Paleolithic era were breast-fed until the age of 5, so many Paleo children are supplemented until that time with some form of dairy, most likely grassed or goat’s milk to avoid the gut irritants found in commercially pasteurized cow’s milk. I would not have known that if not for reading, so I highly recommend jumping on the mom sites before making any drastic changes to her diet.

      I hope this was helpful and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any additional questions

      Thanks! ~Paleo Effect

  12. Thank you for your kind comments, it nice to get feedback…especially when its good! I try to make the content relevant and especially easy to understand, as I think we can all agree that it can get complicated at times! Angel does all of the modifications to our website, and actually, that is one of the things he does for his company The Logica, he was happy to hear that you liked it.

    Thank you again, we appreciate you!
    ~Paleo Effect

  13. Marie

    I think on the dairy issue, raw milk and raw dairy products shouldn’t be lumped together with the nasty store bought pasteurized stuff. I think that raw milk can have a part in a Paleo lifestyle, well, at least it does in mine :) I’m blessed with my own Jersey’s that I milk myself and so my family consumes plenty of raw milk, yogurt, and cheeses. I also have many friends who can drink my raw milk who had bad reactions to store bought milk. Just my 2 cents worth, thanks for the great blog!

    • Marie,

      Dairy, Dairy, Dairy…What about dairy???? I hear this question a lot. Let me first say that I agree with you – you cannot lump all dairy into the same category. My reply in short: If you are consuming RAW Grassfed Dairy, have no autoimmune issues, no predisposition to cancer, no current cancer, no lactose intolerance, aren’t watching your insulin or acid-base balance, then I would say that it is OK to consume RAW Grassfed Dairy. AND if you are a body-builder or weightlifter, dairy can help build bulk, which is a positive (on the flip side, cells grow regardless so if you have cancer, this can be a bad thing…see where I’m going with this?).

      For those of you that are interested, there is a great episode on dairy by Robb Wolf (author, the Paleo Solution) and I highly recommend it, as it goes into greater detail here:

      Thanks for the 2 cents worth, we love the comments and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  14. happy girlfriend

    Hi, Is it possible to gain weight whilst exercising and eating 100% paleo diet? I am just a little concerned becausse I’m underweight now, even though I feel great! also I have celiac and tend to eat very small meals.

    • I certainly think that it is possible. This is just speculation, but if you have celiac disease and you are eating small meals, once you cut out all of the foods that are toxic to your system, you should be able to ingest more. I actually weigh more now than I did pre-Paleo – which I think is a combination of eating right and doing Crossfit a few days a week, so I do think there is hope!

      We’ll be thinking happy thoughts for you and good luck!
      ~ Paleo Effect

    • happy girlfriend

      Thanks! I could definitely be more watchful about toxins in my diet. Eating more grassfed meat and all that jazz.

  15. Ronda

    What is your opinion of brewed tea? Specifically black tea.

    • Ronda,

      As neither Angel nor myself drink tea, I’ve just started looking into it, but I can tell you that it looks like tea is a go pretty much all around. Tea has some really great properties to it and black tea, in particular, has some anti-cortisol effects just like exercise…whoa, don’t get too excited there, you should still work out ;) The only negative that I can see is that black tea has caffeine in it and you should really limit your intake of that. Otherwise, you’re good to go!

      We hope this helped, Thank you for your comments and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

    • happy girlfriend

      tea is great but it makes it harder for your body to take in iron. always wait at least an hour & a half between drinking tea and eating iron rich food. I am not sure about black tea vs other kinds.

  16. hank

    I have 8 oz of coconut milk and 3 boiled egg (whites only) in the morning. Sometime fruit or left over chicken breast. That is breakfast instead of cherrios, nonfat milk and banana. Does that sound ok.
    I have eaten cereal for 50 years and NEVER ate eggs as my Dad passed when I was 5 years old.

    • Hank,
      We’re sorry to hear that…parents teach us so much about the nutrition that shapes our lives. HEAR THAT PARENTS?! TEACH YOUR KIDS GOOD NUTRITION! ;)

      Anyway, yes, that sounds like a fine breakfast, one if fact, that we have often! Although, I would argue that you could integrate a yolk or two into it – that is where most of the nutrients of the egg come from. I know, we were all told that the yolks have bad cholesterol and bla bla bla, but really, they’re good for you! Crazy how the story changes, but that’s why we don’t listen to conventional nutrition and just go with Paleo!

      If you have any other questions, don’t be shy, we’re here to help at any time! Thanks for your comments and keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  17. C King

    Is this diet safe for a 15 month old. The only milk he is getting is coconut milk and he is not taking any vitiamins or minerals. Has very few teeth, so not getting alot of meat products.

    • I know quite a few people that are doing Paleo for their small children and several who have done it since pregnancy and all of their children seem to be doing just fine. Unfortunately, we have not focused on this much, so I have very little research on it, although I couldn’t see why it wouldn’t work. I would highly recommend that you seek out Paleo Mom blogs, as they have gone through it first hand and would be able to provide you with better information. Thank you for your comments, I will make a note of this and we’ll start doing the research!
      ~Paleo Effect

  18. Lindsey

    I’m already essentially on paleo, but will making the complete transition over starting in October. In February, I cut out all fried, processed, and sugary/junk foods, stopped eating simple carbs, cheese, potatoes and processed meats. The only things I still eat that are not paleo are whole grain bread and quinoa (in very small portions and very seldom), yogurt and legumes (I love black bean cakes so I’m sad to see those go!) That being said, I have lost 20 pounds and gained a lot of muscle since February using a combination of eating every 1.5-3 hours and doing cardio, weight lifting, pilates, etc. 6 days a week. I’m 24 year old female and weighed about 150 pounds at 5’6″. Though I wasn’t overweight, I was just always sluggish and tired in the mornings before I changed my eating habits and working out (I was eating terrible food 1 or 2 times a day trying to “cut calories” and no exercise at all!)

    All in all, I have lost two dress sizes (size 8 to 4 and 4″ off my waist!) and am really looking forward to paleo help me finish toning up, especially with my weight training. I lift “heavy” (which is actually really good for women! A large amount tend to be scared of getting “too big,” though this is not the case because of the amount of…or lack there of…testosterone in our bodies. Also great cardio!) So finally my question to you, I already eat a very heavy diet of proteins…meats, poultry and eggs mainly…but I also supplement my post-workouts with a protein shake with water or almond milk (I find milk to be too high in sugar and preservatives to be good for your body).

    So can I still keep my protein shakes in my diet? I know it’s not the “pick it up or kill it” philosophy, but given my current lifestyle, it has become an integral part of my routine…especially since I’m always on the go! I really want to stick to paleo as closely as possible and reap all the rewards it offers, and I feel like protein powder is the utmost processed food haha! Do you know anything about this or have any insight?

    Otherwise, fantastic site and thank you for all your guidance!

    • Lindsey,

      Thank you for your story and kind comments, we love to hear what’s happening in the community. We’re so excited that you’re taking those final steps and really focusing in your health! Sounds like you’re doing great!!

      As for the protein shakes…We have to agree with Robb Wolf on this one and defer that real food is ALWAYS going to be better for you than a supplement because they are super processed. I mean, they are basically just a protein and vitamin breakdown. If getting lean and staying lean while enhancing health is your goal, then you won’t want to load up on the liquid proteins because of the insulin response. Liquids take less time to digest, so instead of a steady rise in insulin, you get a quick punch of it, which is no bueno. Here is a link about post workout eating that may be helpful as well:

      If you just can’t give up the shakes, my advice is pretty simple. Choose as close to Paleo ingredients as you can get, like the ones from Simply Pure Nutrients: (if you do a little whey) or from Gifted Earth Originals: (if you are like us and don’t do dairy…made from egg whites), to make sure that you’re getting as pure ingredients as you can.

      I certainly hope that this was helpful and good luck on your journey!
      Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  19. Maria

    I’ve been reading on this diet and considering going on it. I’m having fertility issues and currently trying to conceive. I do not need to loose any weight but I think I’m borderline PCOS (insulin and androgen sensitive) which is preventing me from having ovulation. I was wondering if this diet is ok for fertility? Also, can it be continued during pregnancy? I currently eat a lot of organic whole grains, Greek yogurt, brown rice and beans because I heard that grains and dairy help fertility but from what I read here they can cause hormonal issues which is what I’m trying to fix.

  20. paleo recipe book review

    I started paleo diet and I must agree that I am truly love what I am eating. I can also feeling positive changes in my health.

    • We’re so glad that you are feeling the effects of eating a clean, healthy diet! There’s nothing better than working hard at something and seeing positive results. Bravo!

      Thanks for sharing and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  21. Lena

    Hello! Wow, it’s really cool that you reply to all of the comments. I’m thinking of becoming a “cave girl” ;) and I have a couple of questions. It seems like lots of people are/were already eating pretty good before Paleo. Do you hear from many junk food junkies that have been successful? I don’t want to fail again, and I’m scared I don’t have what it takes to be successful with Paleo. I like fruits and veggies and lean meats, and I’m hoping that the energy boost I get from good food will propel me to have the energy to cook meals ahead and be prepared. Binging on junk when I get too hungry is a big downfall for me, and it perpetuates because I have no energy. I have about 50-60lbs to lose to get to the high side of healthy for my height, which is where I want to be because I enjoy being curvy! But I’m just out of control now and my baby is almost 6 months old! I can’t blame it on that anymore. Do you think people who really have lots of weight to lose and serious food addictions can be as successful?

    • Lena,

      First, let me say Thanks for noticing. We do reply to all of the comments…it may take a minute, but we try to get to everyone in a timely manner. Secondly, let me reassure you that we hear from TONS of people that have A LOT of weight to lose. We hear from A LOT of people who have lost it by going Paleo. Angel lost 40 lbs himself and was addicted to rice (as you can imagine most Puerto Ricans are). I know you can do it and here’s why: once you cut out the crap, you WILL NOT crave it anymore. I know, it sounds crazy, but its true. Your energy WILL increase, you WILL have more effective sleep and once you start losing a little (which will start happening at the end of the first month), you will feel even better. I wish you could see all of the comments we get on successes, it would make you feel better. Maybe we’ll start posting them in a section on the site…hmmm…now you’re giving me ideas!

      Here are some hints for success:
      1. Clean out the house. Out of site, out of mind isn’t just a saying.
      2. Have plenty of quick foods ready – cut up the fruit or veggies (don’t just have them there, have them ready), or meats cooked, have nuts on hand. Why? At first, old habits die hard and THAT’S the part you have to get over – the habit of eating out of boredom. Eat as much as you want, as long as its Paleo, it will get you over this hump and once you’re past it, you won’t feel the need to snack.
      3. Have cold water or fresh squeezed juice handy. Again, most of eating is boredom. Drinking fluids fills you up.
      4. Don’t put yourself in compromising positions too early – like restaurants. Just try to avoid them for the first month if you can help it. If not, suggest healthier places so the temptation is lessened.
      5. Try to remember that you aren’t just learning this for you, you’re learning this for your child. And that, is the most important thing you can do for him/her. Teaching your child healthy habits from the start ensures that he/she won’t have to battle the way that you do. Can you imagine if your parents had really instilled that in you? Mine did, and I thank them every day for it. And your child will too…once they’re old enough to get it ;)

      I have faith in you and we’re a community of people who’ve done it. We’re always available by email, facebook, twitter or our site, so any time you feel like you need help, reach out. We’re here for you!

      I hope this helps and GOOD LUCK! You’ll do great.
      ~Paleo Effect

  22. Kay

    I went Paleo 2 months ago. I started having problems after the 1st month…too low carbs. I was eating tons of greens, little to no fruit because of the sugar.
    Why do suggest sweet potatoes rarely and only to those who exercise?
    VLC is NOT healthy for more than a few weeks.

    • Kay,

      First, I’m sorry to hear that you have been having issues, but I have really not heard of any other person on the Paleo diet that has had issues with too low carbs. I would love to see your data on why you believe that low carbs is NOT healthy for more than a few weeks – other than your personal experience, so that we can better understand what you AND others are going through and how to advise in the future.

      As for the recommendations, we generally maintain that eating “safe starches” is OK in moderation. For those who exercise, these are great for refueling and energy, but contain heavy amounts of starches that can inhibit weight loss. If you are not trying to lose weight, then eating these tubers is fine – we maintain throughout the website that if you are not geared towards weightloss, you can eat them freely. If there is a specific place on our website that does not clearly state that (as I have checked over this entire section in the Do’s and Don’ts and can’t find it), please let us know so that we can make sure to let those NOT interested in weightloss that they are OK.

      Thanks and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  23. AJ

    I’m really just beginning to do research on the Paleo Diet, and I’ve learned so much just from reading this do and don’t guide. However, for the sake of clarity since I have numerous food allergies and health issues, I have a couple of specific questions. First, I have read recently that eating RAW carboniferous veggies such broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, etc. can interfere with thyroid function in people like me with hypothyroidism – which was discouraging to me since they are considered “healthy” for the general populace – and I like them. If I’m reading your responses correctly, you are not saying that ALL veggies have to be eaten raw, right? So if I lightly steam those veggies only long enough to activate the enzymes, I can ingest them on this diet; am I correct in that assessment?

    I have been advised by my medical team NOT to engage in strenuous exercise due to poor circulation and blood clots, but I really need to lose more weight – it took me more than a year to lose 40 pounds. Then, I fell off the wagon, and became a junk food addict again (emotional eating). I still only engage in low impact and stretching forms of exercise right now. My second question is: generally speaking, how quickly does one begin seeing weight loss results on the Paleo diet???

    • AJ,

      We’re so glad that you are interested in the Paleo diet. Let me shed a little light on your questions. First, the Paleo diet is NOT a raw diet. You can cook everything you eat. When we say “if you can eat it raw, you can eat it”, it is a saying to understand what foods to avoid. You cannot eat yucca or white potatoes raw without getting sick, so you shouldn’t eat them on this diet. The theory is that those foods contain harmful anti-nutrients that, even when cooked, can wreak havoc on your system. So we avoid them altogether. That being said, you can certainly cook all of your food, just stick to the Paleo approved food categories. I have amended the veggies section, just in case anyone else was confused, thank you for your feedback.

      Secondly, I think that Paleo works differently for everyone, but in general, people start to see results in the first 2-3 months. As was the case for Angel, the first month (he lost 40 lbs in 3 months). It depends on how bad of a junk foodie you are – and if you are a junk food addict, you should start seeing results quickly. If you choose to go the Paleo route, my suggestions for you are to commit to emptying the house. That means no junk food in the house at all. Keep food ready – fruits and veggies and meats – already cooked, already cut, ready to eat. This will seem annoying at first, but if you have good foods at the ready, then any time you feel the need to eat emotionally or snack, you will have something Paleo to default to. I (though not a doctor, so please do not omit the advice of your physician), encourage those people needing massive weight loss to eat as much Paleo as they want when transitioning. Don’t try to cut calories at all. Just substitute the foods you are eating now with Paleo approved. You will find that you’ll get bored of emotionally eating, and not having the addictive additives and sugars will stop your cravings after the first couple weeks.

      I wish you the best of luck and if you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out at any time!
      We’re here for you and know you can do it!

      ~Paleo Effect

    • Rohith

      Hey there!I’m doing a school prceojt on Body Image right now, and I just thought of adding in the poem I read in Looks (with works cited, of course).However, I don’t own the book, and I can’t seem to find poem on Google with whatever keywords I put in.I was hoping that if you have the book, you’d be gracious enough to spare me some time to send it to me (via ).Thank you so much, hope you can reply ASAP.

    • Very cool that you are doing a school project on Body Image. I did a photography thesis in college about that very topic. I wish that I could help, but we do not own that book, so sorry! Good luck on your project though!
      ~Paleo Effect

  24. Kels

    Wow thank you for simplifying it for me, in each of the food group aspects, as i was especially unsure about dairy.
    What would be your opinion on nut butters? Almond, peanut mainly… the kinds made from only almonds, only peanuts, none of the Jif or Peter Pan types ( I know better than that :-) )
    I’ve been experimenting a couple weeks with Paleo and I have found that just quitting all grains and such altogether seems easiest for me. But thank you for such a clear article that makes it easy for me to know what to steer clear of

    • You are very welcome! We really try to make our content user friendly, so thank you for your feedback!

      As for nut butters: You should steer clear of peanuts altogether – they are actually a legume (bean) and should not be eaten at all on the Paleo diet. I know, Angel was sad about that one too! As for other nut butters, like almond, you can eat these freely. I like to eat almond butter on apples, or use it in baking to keep cake moist.

      I’m glad that you are finding what works for you, quitting grains cold turkey worked best for us as well! Again, thank you for your comments, we really appreciate it!

      Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  25. Anonymous

    What about drinking coffee, but just black?

    • You can use coconut or almond milk for creamer and honey for a sweetener if you really need it. I would recommend moderation if your coffee has caffeine in it, as too much caffeine has been said to be negative, but in small amounts, we say OK to coffee.

      Thanks for the questions!
      ~Paleo Effect

  26. Andrea

    I just want to say that this is wonderful site and I am glad that I found it! I first started Paleo while doing Crossfit. We had a 30 day nutrition challenge and the kickoff was a seminar on how our bodies process foods and sugars and why Paleo is a healthy liefstyle. I will admit that when it comes to glycogen, insulin and glycemic index, I get a bit lost in that process however I can say that I feel all of the benefits of following the Paleo ‘rules’. It wasn’t too difficult for me to get the hang of the first go around however I did slowly develop bad habits again after the challenge was over with which was so disappointing considering how much better I felt and looked. I am getting back on the wagon and just doing it for myself now. It’s a bit difficult to cut everything out in the first week but by the second week it’s much easier and I can walk by a table of cupcakes and not stop.

    I think Paleo is a great advocate for trying new things. Things you would not have tried before because you thought it would taste bad. Take Almond Butter for example. No, it’s not as sweet and addicting as peanut butter (my fav) but it’s good. Throw some cinnamon in there and spread it on an apple…YUM! If you like to cook, it’s a great way to get creative like making cauliflower into rice or mashed potatoes.

    I do have a couple of foods that I have tried but not so sure they would be in an approved Paleo diet so maybe you can help…

    1. Almond Dream Ice Cream
    2. Arrow Root Powder ( I found a paleo recipe for egg drop soup however I wasn’t so sure about the arrow root powder..)
    3. Would you say Decaf coffee is better than Reg?
    4. Lara Bars. I eat them for breakfast sometimes when I do not have time to cook. They are made mostly with dates..

    Any advice is appreciated and again, great site. I was always the motivater when we did the challenge however I need to be motivated as well from time to time and reading this today really pumped me up for wanting to get back to Paleo :)

    • Andrea,

      Thank you for the kind comments about the site. We started this as a way for me to remember the recipes that we enjoyed as we transitioned to Paleo, and have kept it going because of great feedback like yours! So glad to hear that you are doing it for you now, so excited for you! And I agree, we’ve surprised many of our friends with how good Paleo cooking can be! …we just don’t always tell them what’s in it first ;)

      As for the questions, we welcome them at any time and will try our best to answer, so here goes:

      1. Almond Dream: Sorry, this is not Paleo, as it contains several non-Paleo ingredients (including potato starch and canola oil to name a few), but if you’d like a better alternative Paleo vanilla ice cream, try So Delicious, Coconut Milk Vanilla Ice Cream.

      2. Arrowroot Powder: We use this, but recommend it in moderation, as it is a starch.

      3. This is an argued point from both angles. Some even believe that (in SMALL amounts) the caffeine can improve your performance as an athlete. Again, we’re not doctors or licensed nutritionalists, so our advice is strictly opinion, but we do drink a little caffeinated coffee and don’t think it will kill you. If you drink a lot of it, then try to sub in decaf for the bulk of it, as it is a fact that too much caffeine is definitely a negative.

      4. Lara Bars: Most of them are totally Paleo, which is great, but they do have a lot of sugars in them, so if you are eating them in moderation and aren’t trying to lose weight, then you should be good. If you are trying to lose weight, then you may want to reconsider. Overall, I would also say that protein for breakfast (like eggs) is going to take you farther in Crossfit, but if you don’t have time, then you don’t have time.

      Again, we love that you’re getting back into it for you this time! Keep us posted on your progress and you know where to find us if you have any additional questions!

      Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  27. angie

    Hey there, very informative, thanks.

    I am just so unsure to do Paleo or not. I get severe migraines and I have IBS. With all the promises out there that this or that diet is the best to do is very confusing.

    • Angie,

      Thank you for your comments, we sure do try to be as helpful as we can be for the community. As for the whether to go Paleo part, I totally understand where you are with that and a lot of diets out there promise big things and don’t deliver and it is hard to know what’s what. What I can tell you is this –

      Angel has always had migraines. After 1 month of being Paleo, he was off the meds, sleeping through the nights, not having blinding attacks at all. He has not had one since. It has been 2 years. It has drastically changed the way we function, as we do not need to account for, or work around, his migraines and it has been great. I can’t guarantee the same results, but isn’t it worth a try?

      As for the IBS, I’ve heard both really great success stories and big issues from going Paleo – but it seems to be a trend that you need to cut out both grains AND dairy. No primal here, you need to go all Paleo. In addition to that, if you are still experiencing issues, you may need to look into FODMAPs, which seems to also be a very popular trend among IBS sufferers. You can find out some additional information from this blog that can help identify where you may be experiencing issues.

      I hope this helps you find a good jumping off point and as always, we’re here to help if you have additional questions!
      Good Luck! ~Paleo Effect

  28. Angie

    Thanx for your response. Yeah worth a try for sure. Going Paleo!!!!!

    Keep well.


  29. Diana

    Hi guys,

    I am not sure whether you got my previous post – it seems not…
    I think you are doing and amazing job! Thank you so much for this!
    My question is on whether Paleo is good for pregnant women, e.g. no milk, etc? I am in early pregnancy and not sure how to eat… I have been eating paleo (although with some binge gaps) since September.

    • Diana,

      I am sorry if the reply did not make it to you, I did respond to it, so maybe it was a tech issue.

      Anyway, As for the pregnancy part, you are in luck – there have been many success stories! We do not have kids, so I can’t speak to it personally yet, but here is a great resource that has a lot of good content for this topic – both the pregnancy AND raising children Paleo: and this is another good website for everything from preventing stretch marks to vitamins and stress management:

      I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I’ll be doing this and I hope that you share your story with us and let us know how it goes for you!

      Thanks again and Good Luck! ~Paleo Effect

  30. Katie

    What a great blog! We are considering going Paleo for health and weight loss. My girlfriend has Rheumatoid Arthritis, so the healthier (and thinner!) she is, the better she feels. Any insight from others who suffer from RA who’ve gone Paleo?

    • Katie,

      I think its fantastic that you and your girlfriend are thinking of going Paleo. I know I’ve said it a hundred times, but I truly believe that this diet can help her. It is amazing what food and diet can do for health that drugs cannot. I haven’t personally interacted with many that suffer from RA, but I’ve read some great success stories online. These two articles were written first hand from a girl suffering from RA, found on Robb Wolf’s website (and he literally wrote the book on Paleo):

      Even the American Nutrition Association confirms that a grain-free, lectin-free (= no beans, no grains) diet can help alleviate symptoms – and directly states that the Paleo diet is ideal for those suffering from RA.

      My recommendation? Try it AND STICK WITH IT for 30 days. The first 15 will be for cleansing and the last 15 will be for repairing. And it will even get better after that. It won’t be easy, but wouldn’t it be worth it if she was pain free? And hey, we’d love to hear about your progress!

      Hope your 2013 is full of happiness (and a new Paleo lifestyle!) ~Paleo Effect

  31. Angie

    Hi There

    I was just wondering is Flaxseeds fine on paleo? I need to lose weight and was just wondering if it would help or hinder weight loss.


    • Angie,

      Flaxseed is an ingredient we use in some of our baked goods. I haven’t really found anything about it hindering or helping weightless, and I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat it, but in moderation, this is an OK food on the Paleo diet.

      Thanks and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  32. Akalie

    I was recommended to try this because I suffer from frequent migraines and have my whole life. I eat organic, I cook nothing in my kitchen comes in a box, and I grew up on vension not beef so I eat rather well compared to many people. This way of life sounds ideal, and like it could help me alot but I have a few concerns.

    I have an over active metoblism and I have to keep my calorie intake up or else I loose massive amounts of weight and I get very sick very quickly. I do this mostly with carbs because face it organic or not carbs in the form of breads, and rice is cheap…and I’m not rich. How do I make sure I keep my calorie count up without loosing the roof over my head? I bake my own bread from organic oat flour, honey vs sugar, and organic yeats and the like. This is my only concern, otherwise this sounds amazing! I’m going to, of course, discuss this with my doctor (who favors homopathic remedies over writing scripts for everything under the sun), but I was wondering if you had any insight.


    • Akalie,

      Hi! First, let me say if you have migraines, I DEFINITELY recommend this diet. Angel suffered from migraines as well, several times a week. Sometimes, he would get them daily. He had STRONG medication that sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. He ate “healthy”, but it didn’t help. We went Paleo and he hasn’t had one since. NOT ONE. He has been completely migraine-free for over 2 years. It has changed our lives.

      As for the calorie issue… you should be eating a balance of meat and plants, but most of your fat calories should come from animals. So you’ll change the way you cook – try lards, duck fat, tallow, and butter. Yes, you heard me, grass-fed, full-fat butter. It is one of the few times that you will hear me recommend a dairy, but if you don’t have a lactose issue, this is an easy way to increase calories without eating junk (junk = grains, beans, etc). If you drink coffee, put a slab of butter or coconut oil in it – it will help you to absorb the coffee AND it will add calories to your diet. Eat meat with fat in it – not lean, as on the Paleo diet, it is unnecessary. Eat eggs for breakfast, avocados, nuts, jerky, etc., as they are all high calorie foods (and good snacks too!). Coconut oil, coconut butter and coconut milk is a great way to increase calories as well when cooking. Don’t scrimp on the oils, they will add calories and keep your system clean.

      As for not breaking the bank, order these items online if you can. Nutiva has daily deals on their Facebook that combines several Paleo approved products in reduced-price bundles too.

      I hope this helps and good luck in the New Year! Best of luck!! ~Paleo Effect

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    of blogging, that really how to do running a blog.

  34. Brittany

    It’s interesting to me that legumes aren’t considered bc we cannot eat them raw. I see this to be the same with meat but yet they are HIGHLY recommended. Interesting inconsistency.

    • Brittany,
      You can eat meat raw with no issues. Think Sushi, think Tartare… The issue with meat is that it needs to be TRANSPORTED quickly and properly and to eat it raw, it must be very fresh. And people get worried, as they don’t know these facts. The longer it goes, the easier it harbors bacteria. We eat raw meat regularly with no issues, but we know where it comes from and when it was processed. You cannot eat raw beans without getting sick… Not in the quantities that you would eat for normal consumption. Not to mention the phytic acid and lectins that beans contain, which are not only anti-nutrients, but also masquerade so closely to body tissue that your white blood cells don’t know what to attack – which means they attack good and bad because they can’t tell the difference. When you have these issues, this is where celiac disease and auto-immune problems are present.
      I hope this helps and certainly, write back in if you still need a little clarity.
      Thanks and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  35. Kate

    I have two questions. Seems that coffee is not good because of caffeine. What about decaf? Secondly what about microwaving? My biggest challenge is that I like warm food and the only what that happens at work is a microwave. Any thoughts?

    • Kate,

      There is a lot of confusion around whether or not coffee is ok. Angel likes to enjoy an occasional coffee with caffeine, but if I said that to certain people, I’m sure they would fall on the floor. Personally, I like to believe that moderation is the key to everything in life. If you want to have a little coffee with caffeine, that’s ok, but you need to drink it black. That means no sugar, no cream. If you are a coffee addict, then shift in some decaf, as too much caffeine can be bad for you. I will also note that if you have trouble sleeping, or are stressed, then caffeine may not be for you. Here’s an article by Robb Wolf on the topic if you want to read more:

      As for the microwave: from a nutrients perspective, microwaving food is no different than using a conventional oven or range, so there is no reason that you couldn’t heat your food this way… unless, of course, you want to be an ACTUAL caveman, and then obviously, you will have to stop using electricity ;)

      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  36. Stacy

    Thank you for the information. I just switched to Paleo yesterday after being a die hard WW member for years. I am so accustomed to counting fat grams, fiber, points, etc. that I am a little scared of not keeping track of things. So until I get used to this I am still checking off every time I drink water and fruits and vegetables. I stopped losing weight on WW. I look forward to the results of this new adventure.

    • Stacy,

      I know it may seem very different, not counting calories and points, but I think after the first 30 days, you’ll be a believer. And if you need any help along the way, we’ll be there, all you have to do is ask!

      Best of luck in 2013 and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  37. Anonymous

    Hi…can you give some advice?
    I have explored and done the bio diet on/off in the last few years to sort health issues – mainly for systemic candida. i dont take supplements, sugars (even fruits), grains or dairies…i stick to only organic meats, fish and all green veg which sounds the same/similar to the Paleo diet, although this is the first time i have come across it. However I am stuck and no-one seems to have the answers…after 3 weeks i feel and look much better and my energy bounces into action, but by the 7th week i collapse into fatigue and exhaustion……….any help on why this happens???

    • Well, it certainly sounds like you are doing everything right, and I absolutely HATE this, but I cannot find any references to this anywhere. I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend why you are experiencing this fatigue that late in the diet. The only thing I can find is that this tends to happen when cheating is involved, but if you are following the diet to a T, I cannot see why this should happen. Again, I HATE that we can’t help you on this, but it may be worth it to reach out on Robb Wolf’s website (as he wrote the book, he may have additional insights) or Mark Sisson (Primal, but may still be able to help).

      I’m sorry and PLEASE update us on your findings, we’d love to be able to help those like you in the future!
      ~Paleo Effect

  38. Meredith

    Hey! Thanks so much all of these tips are very helpful!

    I would recommend watching out for hard ciders though – especially Woodchuck. Woodchuck (along with a lot of other ciders) have malt in them still. Angry Orchard is the only one that I have found so far that does not.

    • Meredith,
      Thank you for the comments, we will reach out to several companies and see if they can give us more specifics, so that we can be sure to recommend the best!
      Much appreciated and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  39. Anonymous

    Is it ok to slowly transition to paleo. I’m eating 1 paleo meal per day but not ready to jump in completely. Also, what about special occasions (seated dinners, eating out, holidays), can exceptions ever be made. In addition, how can you get vitamin D, I’ve always heard you need this for bone strength. Thanks so much, you have an outstanding and informational site here!

    • Everyone does it differently, but for the majority of the success stories we’ve found, its more of the “cut the cord” and go for it that works best. I would say that it really depends on what you want to get out of it. Are you trying to lose weight? Are you thinking of going Paleo for health reasons? If yes to either, than I would say, as you have issues, it would be better for you to cut it all out and start fresh. If you are switching for lifestyle, then transitioning is OK, as you have nothing you HAVE to do it for…but it really is a great lifestyle and I think after you transition, you’ll be very happy you did. With the special occasions, again, its really up to you and what you want to get out of it. If you have health issues, I would recommend no cheating. If you don’t have health issues, than a cheat every now and again is OK, but don’t make it a regular habit. This is not a shackles type of diet if you are just doing it to be healthier, but you can’t expect to have all of the benefits of the diet if you don’t follow it. If you understand that, then moderation on the cheating – even Angel and I cheated a little when we went to Puerto Rico to visit family (although, we paid for it in stomach aches and indigestion!!).

      On the other note, Vitamin D does aid the body in absorption of calcium and magnesium (= bone health, you are right), but Vitamin D is best manufactured by the body after being exposed to sunshine. 10-15 minutes of sunshine 3 times a week should meet your body’s requirement. If you live in an area where this is hard to do, you can supplement by eating the following, which contain significant quantities of this vitamin: Mushrooms, Beef, Chicken Breast, Eggs, Anchovies, Caviar, Cod, Herring, Sardines, Turkey, Bacon (Yes!), or Pork. If you eat meat and are paleo, you shouldn’t have to try too hard ;)

      Again, if you have a medical condition, please talk to your doctor before exploring this option, as we are NOT physicians, just Paleo enthusiasts :)
      Good Luck and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  40. Alisha Heger-Hansen

    I recently started the paleo diet thanks to a coworker suggesting it to me. The biggest hurdle for me is kicking the sugar and caffeine. I was wondering if it is suggested to not drink coffee? If you can drink it, would be okay to drink with almond milk?

    • Alisha,
      There is a lot of confusion around whether or not coffee is ok. Angel likes to enjoy an occasional coffee with caffeine, but if I said that to certain people, I’m sure they would fall on the floor. Personally, I like to believe that moderation is the key to everything in life. If you want to have a little coffee with caffeine, that’s ok, but you need to drink it black. That means no sugar, no cream. You could put a little almond milk in, but try to keep it as black as possible, as you don’t want to fill yourself with more of the extras than the coffee itself. If you are a coffee addict, then shift in some decaf, as too much caffeine can be bad for you. I will also note that if you have trouble sleeping, or are stressed, then caffeine may not be for you. Here’s an article by Robb Wolf on the topic if you want to read more:
      Hope that helps and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  41. Poppy

    So loved reading the website! Going to get on the bandwagon and join the paleo people!! Just a few things! I’m a tea addict! I do tend to drink decaf and am happy with that but find it super hard to drink black… What can I put in it instead? Also I’m in a rut when it comes to breakfast… I’m a porridge/cereal/ toast kinda girl… What other options are there other than alot of eggs?! Also re sausages: should u look for completely natural with no added stuff?

    Thankyou sooooo much for ur help its very much appreciated!! :)

    Poppy x

  42. Poppy

    Sorry me again!!! Keep thinking of questions!

    I’ve just started training for the Edinburgh marthon (25th may) and want to lose around a stone before it but don’t want to compromise the training with not eating enough to sustain a 15 mile run!!

    Do u have a recipe for like a fruit and nut bar good for energy? Ohhh an also is honey allowed? I know it’s obv very high in sugar but It is also natural?

    Thanks again and sorry for the manic amount of questions!!

    Poppy x

    • Poppy,
      First, thanks for the kind words and taking the time to write in, we love the questions and no worries about the amount! When you write in, it helps our community and we encourage it! So let me take these in order:

      1. You can have a little caffeine, but if you can’t drink it black, you can add a little lemon, coconut milk or almond milk. Be wary of the milk varieties though, you don’t want to use any with additives. Mint is also good, and a little sweet. Honey if you must, but keep it to as little as possible.

      2. Breakfast: We do eat a lot of eggs, but we have recipes for dill shrimp salad, hash browns, biscuit and gravy, BLTs, blueberry muffins, pas talon, waffles and fried green tomatoes on our site – there are lots of options! Smoothies are great for when you are on the go. Just put everything in a blend in the fridge and in the morning, turn it on! PS. Yes, you should look for ALL natural sausages – no added stuff. We are working on a recipe for the site for that too.

      3. Congrats on your marathon, that is quite an accomplishment!! If you go totally paleo and you watch your sugars intake, you should naturally be able to lose that stone before the race. We don’t have any energy bars out yet, but here’s a great website that you can buy them (made for Crossfit, taste good, made for energy). If nothing else, grab the ingredients and go from there!

      4. Honey is OK, but keep it moderate, as yes, it is still a sugar.

      Thanks again and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  43. Crishelle

    I read a comment about pasta and had to throw my two cents in. We have two substitutes that, while they are not exactly pasta, they are pretty darn good. First is a little obvious, spaghetti squash. We have used this alot. You simply bake in the oven about an hour then slice in half, remove seeds, and seperate with a fork. The other is that you can get special cutters (got mine at amazon) that seem to be japanese in nature where you cut fresh, raw zuccini and squash in spirals to make “noodles”. Again not quite the pasta of old, but pretty good. Hope that helps!

  44. Julia

    Very enjoyable comments section. I have been Paleo a few months and after having tiny health issues my whole and every test under the sun come out negative I finally out of the constant pain I have been in for 30 years.

    I just wanted to comment on a few things, I was having too low a carb issues and I found eating more broccoli and cauliflower helped, cabbage probably would too if I wasn’t so sensitive to sulphur. I am staying away from fruits while I lose a little weight but I was fine while I was eating them. Broccoli has an irritant in it when it is raw and some people can be allergic to it, steaming it will help.


    • Julia,
      Thank you for your comments! We’ve had a couple of low carb people write in and your insights are so greatly appreciated by the community!
      Thanks again and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  45. Shannon Beck

    Something is seriously wrong with my stomach. So my doctor told me I must start this diet. I’m not over weight or anything like that. I’m just honestly a little nervous because this seems like a pretty strict thing. But this website helped me a lot. So thank you!

    • Shannon Beck

      But I wanted to see just for confirmation, no ceasar salad dressing? No salad dress at all???

    • Shannon,
      I am sorry to hear that you are having issues, but I am confident that Paleo can help! As for the strict diet, it really is up to you how strict you want to take it. Angel and I adhere to a Paleo lifestyle, so we do integrate modern foods into our meals (like salad dressing) – we just make sure that the ingredients that we use are all Paleo ingredients. The thing about it being “strict” is that you really can’t buy much of the modern foods pre-made, but if you are willing to put a little extra effort into cooking, you can create most foods. We actually do have a recipe for Caesar salad dressing on our site, and you can find it here:
      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  46. Shannon Beck

    Well thank you. VERY much!!! My doctor said that I must only eat meat, fruits, veggies and nuts but no peanuts… She basically said go ‘Paleo’…. and it’s just really hard. I think its harder for me only because I’m just 16 and me and friends go out to eat all the time. And there’s just all this NON-Paleo food out there. Do you know of any place that would be a good paleo place to eat out?

    • Shannon,
      I know that eating out is difficult, but if you have diet restrictions, I’m sure your friends will let you pick the place…maybe. If not, here are my tips:

      1. Ask in advance where you are going, get online and look up the menu (I do this for us ALL of the time). Now, here’s the trick: Check out their gluten free offerings. Most restaurants have these nowadays. This is half the battle. Next, look for recipes that don’t have much sauce to them – sauces will always get you into trouble, as you don’t know is in them. Lastly, have them put any extras on the side. Deconstruct your food, so you know the components.

      2. Tell the waiter that you are allergic to grains and dairy. There is no way a restaurant will serve you food if you say you are allergic to it. Usually, the chef/cook will make you something special, which is also cool…We do this A LOT.

      As for specifics and places to eat, where do you live, so I can make some suggestions?
      Thanks and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  47. Rish

    Allergic to gluten and dairy. Paleo now for going on week 3. Ran 15 through snow and felt awesom.
    Saw a comment about eating raw meat. We eat “raw” meat if its clean wild game cured with sea salt and dried. Moose meat is perfect and I know where it came from. I also do dried fresh caught salmon- so good! Is that considered raw? I’ve noticed my sinuses are already clearing up and my stomach feels better. Felt low energy the first week and training was tough but something has clicked and I feel energy! Awesome way to eat. Any suggestions for school lunches that are paleo and nut free for kids?

    • Rish,
      So glad that you are feeling great on the Paleo Lifestyle and thanks for the comments about the raw meat! It really is about WHERE it comes from. We’ve never had Moose meat, sounds so interesting! As for the salmon, we may not be experts on the subject of raw meats, but I would consider dried or salted salmon to be a raw food, yes.
      Now for Paleo lunches for the kids: We like to cook extra protein or sides at dinner and then give them a little twist (for our lunches, but this works for kids too). So if I cook Chicken for dinner, I cook a little extra, then make a different sauce or something for the next day. Same for sides. Otherwise, deli meat rolls with avocados, dried fruits, carrot or celery sticks, apples, fruit salad, our chicken nuggets, deconstructed hamburgers, mini meatloaf with cauliflower mashed no-tatoes, sweet potatoes, hardboiled eggs, tuna (salmon or egg) salad, jerky, trailmix, BLTs, etc are all options. We have a bread recipe if you have a sandwich kid. We also have cookie recipes if you want to give them a little treat every now and again.
      Thanks for the comments, hope this helps and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  48. Jessica B

    Hello! I am having a hard time giving up cheese! Is there any kind of cheese we can have? :(

    • Jessica,
      Everyone has their own definition of how to live the Paleo Lifestyle. I say LIFESTYLE here for a reason. You really need to analyze what your goals are. Are you trying to lose weight? Do you have lactose issues? How do you feel overall? Have you tried a 30 day Paleo diet and are having issues continuing, or is that the part that is difficult? I ask these questions because the answers to them will help dictate my answer. So… In short, the answer is No. There are no cheeses that are Paleo, as the Paleo diet is one that doesn’t include dairy. If you want to go hardcore, then you’ll never see that cheese again. BUT. And there’s a BIG but here for us. If you are not trying to lose weight and don’t have any lactose issues, a little cheese every now and again will not kill you! We are in this lifestyle for the long run and even Angel and I will partake in a “cheat” every now and again – but here’s the important part: make it as good as it gets. So, no Kraft, no processed crap. Get grassfed, get high quality if you are going to have a little. Keep it in moderation – a treat. Only eat it when it REALLY gives something to what you are eating. That way, it doesn’t get out of control. I know a lot of people would disagree, but we like to think that moderation is really the key to success. If you don’t allow yourself a treat every now and again, it will be harder to stick to it, so gauge it for yourself and see how you feel.
      I hope that helps and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  49. Amy

    Hey :) Thanks for this article, I have recently started to trial the Paleo diet &feel great. However I am really quite worried about how high the sugar (though they are natural) content of this diet is. How can you maintain this diet, one free of grains, and not too many nuts and seeds etc, and not end up eating too much sugar? I have worried about this for a while, and now as silly as it sounds, with the whole Ashton Kutcher getting sick after only eating fruit like Steve Jobs thing, my fears have escalated!
    I am incredibly health conscious and don’t want to one day end up with problems with my insulin levels, pancreas, or diabetes because I followed this diet and have taken in too many natural sugars. I now there must be a solution to this… please help :) :)

    • Amy,
      First, let me say that the Paleo diet does NOT recommend that you eat predominately fruit. The Paleo diet promotes a healthy BALANCE of vegetables, meats, nuts, fats AND fruit. Secondly, it is important to remember that we don’t want to avoid all sugars, just the bad stuff – fructose (think high fructose corn syrup). Fruits contain some fructose, but also glucose – which our cells use for energy and is essential for life. Below are 2 articles – one that outlines sugars and the other than is a list of fruits and their sugar contents, so you can avoid the fruits highest in sugar if you choose. Overall, I do not believe that you will have any issues while being on this diet. Here are the links:
      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

    • Jane

      Wow, marvelous blog fomrat! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for? you make blogging look easy. The total glance of your site is magnificent, as well as the content!

    • Jane,
      Thank you for the kind words about the site! We have been running this blog since January 2010 and it has really been a great journey for us…especially as neither of us have done this before! Thanks so much for the support, we really have the BEST community!!
      ~Paleo Effect

  50. Kelly

    I wanted to thank you for this. I am currently researching Paleo diets as recommended by my CrossFit Coaches and came across your site. It’s very informative.

    I have been gluten-free for a while, as I am intolerant (no Celias, thankfully), but have been deciding on whether to go full Paleo or not. My main problem is dairy. I grew up drinking 2+ glases of milk a day plus all those grains youre “supposed” to get.

    I have read the do’s and dont’s, as well as all of the Q and A’s on this page, but still had a few questions. It should be noted that I am looking into Paleo for weighloss but for an overall change, and I know it’s a lifestyle, but still had some “what about this” hah.

    1. Although dairy is “not allowed” or suggested, I saw someone post about Coconut Milk. Is this okay if you are completely Paleo and not “cheating”? And what about such things like “almond milk”? I do not have the avaiablilty of RAW milk so that is out of the question.

    2. As I am GF, I have slowly gotten used to the GF products. If trying to maintain a strict Paleo diet, are things like GF ceral, GF pastas, and other GF products not made with grains and such okay?

    3. What is your guys’ take on chocolate? Obviously it has sugar so I know I can’t munch on chocolate throughout the day haha, but is something (other than milk chocolate) okay?

    And lastly – I have not purchased “The Paleo Solution” yet but plan to – but are there any great Paleo cookbooks or websites that you recommend? My husband and I both work very demanding jobs and unfortunately neither of us have a lot of time to really cook some of the meals I have seen so far (partially what has delayed the start of this). I dont want to be eating chicken and salad every night hah so was hoping to find some quick, easy, and delicious meals that will really jump start my process.

    I appreciate any and all advise and look forward to the journey.

    Thank you :)

    • Kelly,
      Thank you, we really try to make the diet easy to understand. As for the switch, it is difficult to change standard ideas about health and nutrition, but its worth it. Everyone has those leftover “What about” questions, so feel free to write in at any time…it may take us a minute, but we will certainly get to your questions :)

      1. Coconut milk is 100% OK on the Paleo Diet. We use it in a lot of foods. Same with almond milk. The important part of this is to try to find versions that do not contain additives. If you can’t find anything in your local healthfood store, you can make your own as well. Here is a link for homemade coconut milk: and one for almond milk: (which will be slightly sweet)

      2. Here’s the catch for these products: they still contain grains like rice. If you can find one that does NOT have steel cut oats, granola, rice, tapioca, or any such grain, then yes, you can eat it…although I challenge you to find one.

      3. We eat chocolate. Dark dark dark chocolate. You will find that some fair trade organic chocolate is pretty much Paleo – but if you are trying to lose weight, you will want to limit your sugar intake. And I hate to say it, but for those looking to lose, it is easier overall to cut out the sugars altogether for the first month. It just gets you over the hump. Sounds counterintuitive, but it works.

      4. Obviously, we recommend that you buy the book. It really is a great book that makes the diet easy to understand – from a physiological perspective. Secondly, we will always recommend our site for recipes (as we make them after we get off work and they are all easy), but in addition to that, you could find some great stuff on Everyday Paleo, The Paleo Mom, Elana’s Pantry (not all of hers are paleo, but I like her recipes that are), obviously Robb Wolf, and more. We are coming out with a book in September, so stay tuned!

      Good luck on your Journey and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  51. maria G

    I have started paleo a week now. However I live on a small island, there is nothing organic here. Is it okay if I eat paleo but not organic? I have hashimoto disease.

  52. Emilee

    I have recently found out about the paleo lifestyle, and i would really like to start eating healthy. I do not have a lot of time to cook, I have been overweight for a while, and my husband and I eat things that are cheap, quick and easy freezer foods like bagged noodles, chimichangas, pizza or chips n cheese. We eat so much cheese its rediculous. I did cut out pop but he refuses to cut out pop/soda himself. I did go to an organic store and bought some vegetables (cabbage, bell peppers, white onion, red onions, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli heads, almond flour, and coconut oil) and meat (chicken breast, bacon, eggs, steak) this week. What I found out was that it is extremely difficult to even start eating healthy when my husband insists on having certain bad meals cooked or even purchased. It is hard to cook two meals (one paleo and one not) as well. What should i start doing (since i can not clean out my pantry/fridge)? I went and bought all of these vegetables but I still find myself straying toward the easy path because of limited time. And most of my week I am out too early to make breakfast, gone for lunch until i get home late and make dinner. (so i just grab leftover pizza and jump in the car). I really need to lose a lot of weight asap and keep it off.

    • Oh Emilee,
      I wish your story wasn’t as common as it is. I know how hard it is to make changes like this; and with limited time and lack of support, its even harder. My suggestion to you is possibly a little sneaky, but it may help you to convince your husband. So:

      Step 1: You’re going to have to take some time to prep. Figure out what you want to make and cut everything up for the next couple days in one fail swoop. Many veggies can be frozen for soups and smoothies with no loss of taste. My other suggestion? Buy a food processor. It will make your life quick, easy and painless. It saves me HOURS every week. If money isn’t an issue, buy a Magic Bullet too – sounds CRAZY but these things are great for smoothies on the go, as well as salad dressings and bbq sauces.

      Step 2: Cook some of the crossover foods for your husband, to show him that healthy foods can taste great too. So, go for chicken pot pies, fried shrimp, coconut crusted cod, chicken nuggets, shepard’s pie, etc. (all on our site) …who knows, he may give it a whirl once its made. These foods also keep well in the fridge, so you can take the leftovers to work the next day – which will help to keep you focused on healthy eating. You may even want to ask him if he will do a day or two a week with you – and cook these crossover foods…to jump start the process.

      Step 3: Get a strategy for breakfast. So what I do is this: if I am cooking chicken for dinner, I cook extra for breakfast. So I have chicken done, I add an egg and some pre-cut veggies and while I’m doing my makeup, I’m making breakfast. Or try some of our mini quiches – which freeze easy and re-heat like the foods you are used to (also good for your hubby) and good for you on the go too – pop one in the microwave for 2 minutes, done. Or pre-cut fruit freez it, and slap it all in a blender and take a smoothie to go.

      Step 4: Make snacks for you. Precut fruits, protein, nuts, veggies, etc. and have them at the ready, for if you want a snack. If you don’t have things made, its easier to fail with all that junk in the house.

      Once you get into the swing of this, it will work for you, I promise! Its just getting used to A NEW routine that is the hard part.
      I hope this helps and Good luck on your Journey!
      ~Paleo Effect

  53. cori

    So I am thinking about starting the paleo diet, but I am wondering what I can use instead of coconut milk? I know there is a huge health kick with coconut, but I have an unusual allergy and am highly allergic to coconut.

  54. Hi, I’m looking at ways of getting the protein without consuming quite so much animal protein due to the inflammation it is known to cause in the body. Is hemp ok? Any other suggestions? Thank you!

    • Silje,
      The jury is out on BOTH sprouts and hemp protein powder. Now for the hemp first – as they are a seed, we need to automatically think of eating this in moderation (due to phytic acid, processing, etc). I would say that hemp is OK on occasion, but not regularly if you can help it. We will be posting an article on plant-based protein sources within the next week, so that should help you out a little *hopefully*. As for the sprouts, it really depends on the TYPE of sprout. I have found that, in general, sprouts are OK if they come from celery seeds, broccoli seeds, radish seeds or lettuce seeds. This really is a gray area. Here is an article by Mark Sisson that breaks it down a little bit more (and some other gray area foods) if you are interested:
      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  55. And I forgot to ask; are sprouts ok?

  56. Anonymous

    So obviously eating a paleo style diet is very healthy as you focus on the whole food rather than processed. My question is what about the grains? And legumes? I get that they can’t be eaten raw, but neither should most meats.Also, salt? Sea salt is great, I use it. Question is, salt has been used from the beginning of time. It is actually an essential seasoning to accent foods flavor. Why is it looked at differently with Paleo? Thank you so much for your response. :-)

    • First, let me say that you CAN eat meat raw. This is a common misconception. Think Sushi. Think Tartare. You’re probably already doing it. If you know that the meat is fresh and clean, it is perfectly OK to eat it raw. We don’t eat raw meat and are told that it will make us sick because of the bacteria that it picks up along the manufacturing and processing, NOT because meat inherently makes us sick. That is the difference. Grains and legumes have proteins in them called lectins. Lectins are found in animals and plants and have protective functions from recognizing pathogens to controlling protein levels in the blood. The problem here is that when they are found in plants, they do the same – protect the plant. So when you eat legumes, this lectin can cause intestinal distress including diarrhea, nausea, bloating, vomiting, etc. Cooking beans can help to lower lectins, but they are very heat resistant, so it doesn’t cook them all out. Now I’ll dive into what that really means…

      Wheat contains a lectin called wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) and these lectins like to glom onto the walls of your intestines. When they cross into your intestines, your body interprets the lectin as a foreign invader and creates antibodies to respond. The problem here is that lectins look a lot like other parts of your body, so the antibodies go crazy on things they shouldn’t. When the antibodies attack healthy tissue, this is where celiac disease, lupus and multiple sclerosis arise.

      To top it off, as lectins make their way through your body, they damage the walls of your intestines, which creates holes in your intestinal tract, allowing particles to slip through and be released into your blood stream – this is how food sensitivities start. When this happens often, your immune system gets very overwhelmed and can start attacking things at random. The symptoms from this can range from migraines to depression.

      As for the salt? Its not that you can’t ever use table salt. You can. The issue here that we use too much. Modern man likes to salt everything. The difference in sea salt and good ol table salt? Sea salt isn’t as processed and doesn’t contain iodine. That’s really it. Just use in moderation and you’ll be fine. You’ll see that we use sea salt in almost every dish we make, but we keep the amount low.

      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  57. Lori

    Hi, is coffee part of this diet? I am getting ready to start Paleo for digestive reasons, and would like to know. Thanks so much!

    • Lori,
      This always gets mixed reviews, but from our perspective, coffee is Paleo. You just can’t drink it with all the sugar and creamer stuff that most people put in it. Some even believe that (in SMALL amounts) the caffeine can improve your performance as an athlete. Again, we’re not doctors or licensed nutritionalists, so our advice is strictly opinion, but we do drink a little caffeinated coffee and don’t think it will kill you. If you drink a lot of it, then try to sub in decaf for the bulk of it, as it is a fact that too much caffeine is definitely a negative.
      Thanks and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  58. Kathy

    I’m going to start today. Reading through this section was soooo helpful. Love this site! Thank you!!!

    • Kathy, Thank you for the kind words about our site! We really do try to make going Paleo easy and fun. Good luck on your journey and let us know how you are doing! Thanks again and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  59. Marlene

    Recently going gluten,soy,casein free I have still been itchy so I have been steered to going Paleo. My biggest problem is lack of desire for plain nuts or plain food items first thing in the morning. I love coconut but fear I am allergic to it as well as suspect bananas.How will I determine what is a problem food when I have itchies and or raw stomache feelings so often? I respect all of your knowledge since finding this site.

    • Marlene,
      First, before we tackle the food allergies, let me say that you do NOT have to eat boring “plain” foods in the morning! We have lots of recipes that are quick and easy – from smoothies to pancakes to quiches. Many of which can be frozen and re-heated for your convenience. We even have grits and coming soon…N-Oatmeal! Now that that is out of the way…Having a food allergy/intolerance/sensitivity is like running a science experiment. You’re going to have to probably either see an allergist, who can test you, or do some trial and error until you find the culprit. So if you don’t want to make that appointment, let’s do a test run. Remove bananas from your diet for a period of time, like 1 or 2 weeks. Then eat a banana. Wait 30 minutes – are you experiencing any discomfort? Has your heart rate elevated? If yes to any of these, you’re probably right. If not, move on to the coconut and do the same. Keeping a food journal may help you as well. Every time you experience the itchies or raw stomach, write down everything you’ve eaten. Eventually, you’ll figure out the reoccuring theme and know what to avoid. …or see an allergist ;)
      Thank you for the kind words, the comments and Hope this helps!
      Good Luck and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  60. wso launch

    Excellent goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely excellent. I really like what you’ve
    acquired here, really like what you are saying and the way
    in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it smart.

    I can’t wait to read far more from you. This is really a wonderful web site.

    • Thanks so much for sharing! We really try to make the content easy to understand. We have a book coming out in September…wink wink, nudge nudge ;)
      You all are what make this community so great and keep us going! Good luck on your journey and thanks again! ~Paleo Effect

  61. Jeff

    Hi All..

    I believe in a a young earth but also like the Paloe diet thoughts. How does this fit? Most post are really thoughtful so I feel safe here.
    I would like to add my email for those that want to talk more.


    • Jeff,
      First, let me say that we really try to promote a safe environment, where people from all walks of life can express themselves and ask the questions that they need answers to. As you can see, we have a really great community. Secondly, I assume that by “young earth” you mean that you believe in Creationism? I am sure that you are not alone and if you would like to respond with your email, we will certainly leave that up for anyone who would like to start a separate dialogue with you about what it means to be Paleo, while believing in the Young Earth theory. As for how that works, I would strongly suggest buying and thoroughly reading “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf. Will it be full of Paleolithic references? Yes, but you can concentrate on the parts that focus on how the body works when you eat the foods you eat. Robb Wolf really explains why the Paleo Diet is best suited for you, from a biological perspective – hormones, receptors, digestion – the science of how the human body works best. His theory is that the Paleo diet is best because the human body hasn’t evolved in the way that it functions since the Paleolithic era, hence, we should eat a similar diet. So if I succeeded in making any sense, the take away here is that the Paleo diet is best for you because it provides the optimum nutrients to keep your body functioning at peak performance. So, just because you don’t believe cavemen existed doesn’t mean that you can’t eat the best food for your body – and this book will explain what those foods are and why.
      Hope this helps and Good Luck on your journey!
      ~Paleo Effect

    • Jeff

      Maghan Little,
      What a great response! I do believe in Creationism and cave man:) Just maybe not the same way. My email is for anyone wanting to dialog on this subject. I love meat and veggies along with coconut oil for both.
      I look forward to an interesting conversation with people about this subject. As with science, I believe a paleo diet also supports or at least does not contradict my thoughts in any large way.


  62. Help!

    Hi I have been Paleo for 4 weeks now and apart from an initial 2.5 kg weight loss, I have not lost anymore and I was hoping it would come off faster.
    I have been dairy free, grain free, sugar free and legume free for the past week and a half and only have 1-2 pieces if fruit a day sometimes none and only a small handful of nuts every second day or so.
    I have a mix if almond milk and coconut milk in my once a day coffee and am trying to only eat when hungry.
    I have type 2 diabetes and my blood sugar levels were good for the first week or do but now have stabilized but still high.
    I am a bit disappointed as I have gone cold turkey in junk food, sugar etc and I feel like it is all for nothing.
    Is it just me ? Am I doing something wrong?? I really don’t think I can give up anything else :-( I really don’t want this to be another failed diet – I need to loose at least 40kgs and was hoping this would get me there.
    Sorry for the lengthy story, just so frustrated and would be grateful for any help you can give me.
    Thank you

    • Grace

      Hang in there – your body sounds like it is at a very high inflammatory state. My naturopath put it this way – what you have spent years doing to your body will not be undone quickly. I understand your struggle, but document the way you feel! Your energy! Have you been making sure to exercise too?

    • I agree with Grace on this one and I apologize for not replying faster…with all of the work we’re doing on our first book, its been a mess catching up, so we apologize! Exercise is important, but also, patience. One of our community just wrote us in the other day to say that it has been 7 months since she’s been Paleo and is now symptom free. At 70 days, she was at the end of her rope. I think that you need more time. Neither Angel nor I really lost much weight in the first month. It took about 3, so hang in there. And keep us posted! If you don’t see change in the first few months, then we need to evaluate next steps!
      I hope this helps and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  63. Jake


    Thanks for this site. I have really enjoyed all the postings.

    I completed my first full and half Ironman events last year. My diet was mostly starchy carbs, protein after my workouts, and some fats. I always felt good during the first part of my training sessions, but towards the end of my workouts my energy would bonk even with different nutrition high in carbs like Gels.

    I have been on the Paleo Diet for a little over 2 months and I feel great.

    I am doing an Ultra 50 mile run in June and another full Ironman in August. Since I have made this life changing decision to eat healthier I have lost 15 pounds, 4 inches off my waist, and am in the best shape of my life.

    I am on a rigorous training regiment and my energy is great, I have added more lean muscle, and it’s hard to stay within my workouts because I have so much energy.

    So for anyone contemplating doing an n endurance event I highly recommend this diet. I wish I had gone Paleo 10 years ago!

    • Jake, That’s really great news and thanks so much for sharing your story with the community! I know we’re impressed and we’re very happy to share your success story with others! Congrats on the diet success, and good luck with your Ultra & Ironman competitions! ~Paleo Effect

  64. Rema

    I was recommended by a dear friend of mine to start this diet. It is hard as I live in the gulf and not much is available and not everything is labelled according to the way it is done in Australia, I have found it very tricky. I read something new everyday. I do have a Q, how can I replace bread? Is there a type of bread that I should be looking for? In Qatar we don’t have coconut milk or almond milk , how can I replace this? So I understand fruits that are high in sugar is a NO, but then I read its okay if they are organic? Pls elaborate. What about smoked turkey slices? What about breakfast cereals, what is the better one out there?
    Thx keep it up..

    • Rema,
      I do not know what you have access to (ingredients), but we do have a recipe for bread on our website. If you can’t make it, try to stick to gluten free breads, or none at all. It really shouldn’t be an everyday thing anyway. The coconut/almond milk dilemma is an issue. For recipes with minimal amounts of it, you could probably substitute with water with no issues. If you don’t have any autoimmune, digestive or lactose intolerance issues, you could just use milk. It wouldn’t be Paleo, but it would be Primal. As for the fruit, you should go organic when you can to avoid the chemicals in foods, but that doesn’t really have much to do with the sugar. If you are trying to lose weight, you should avoid fruits high in sugar (see our glycemic index guide) for the sole reason that they are high in sugar and you want to reduce that in order to lose weight. If you aren’t geared towards weight loss, you can still have these, just eat them in moderation. Like a treat. Smoked turkey should be fine, just try to make sure that they don’t use poor ingredients in the process. Breakfast cereals are a no go. We don’t eat grain – including rice – and that pretty much includes all cereals. I am a little confused about the water question. You shouldn’t have to worry about this, all water is OK.
      I hope this helps and sorry for the delay! Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  65. Rema

    Sorry forgot to ask, what about water? I know it is a source of fibre but some water contains too much of and less of.. Any idea about what we should be looking for to be on the safe side?


  66. Dan

    Great article. I have been paleo-ish for almost a year (I do have potatoes and legumes sometimes) but love the information you provide. You are a minefield of knowledge!

    • Thanks Dan! We really do believe in this lifestyle, so we try to provide info in the easiest way possible. Thanks so much for writing in and wappreciate the shout out! Keep it Paleo-ish! ;) ~Paleo Effect

  67. Shannon Beck

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you! We were talking about restaurants and where good places to go out were. You asked me where I live so you could make suggestions. So.. I live in Thornton, CO. Any where you think would be good for me to go?

    • No worries Shannon, we’ve been keeping busy ;)
      Well, I looked up some options in your area and its pretty slim pickings, so considering that Denver is so close, I broadened my search field. Here are my suggestions for B,L & D:
      Mercury Cafe (B,L), Watercourse Foods (B,L,D), Mad Greens (L), Vert Kitchen (L, deconstructed), Morning Glory Cafe (B), Shine, Boulder (B,L,D), Parsley (B,L) or any fine dining restaurant, as they will almost always make something special with your dietary needs in mind.

      Note that these are made based on menu options, not necessarily taste, as I haven’t personally been there ;)
      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  68. J

    “PITA”? Like pita bread?
    LOL. It’s PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), idiot.

    • J-
      Thank you for bringing up the typo, but you don’t have to be so rude. This is not a job for us and sometimes we make mistakes. I know what PETA is, but that doesn’t mean my spellcheck does. Again, we try to make this the best it can be, and greatly appreciate when someone lets us know of an error, but you don’t have to be so completely rude about it. The error is fixed.
      ~Paleo Effect

  69. Suzanne

    Great info thanks! I have been eating paleo for a week and my breakfast is a paleo pumpkin and zucchini bread home made with almond meal, spinach leaves and 1 egg. My question is ~ as I need to limit nuts is it ok to have this every morning? Hope so cos it just works for me! I would say I’m going to be 90% paleo as I have a small amount of milk in coffee, use ricotta in some recipes ( maybe once a week) and will continue to enjoy the odd glass ( or bottle!) of red wine!

    • Suzanne,
      Thanks! It is perfectly healthy for you to have 1-2 ounces of nuts a day. So, measure how many ounces of almond meal you are using and cut accordingly and you should be fine (so if you use 8oz of almond meal, I would cut this thing up into 8 slices, so you are roughly estimating your portions). It won’t be perfect, but it will be close and you should be just fine. Sounds like you have a nice balance and you’re doing great! Keep up the good work and have a glass of red wine for me!
      Thanks and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  70. casey

    Great website! I am interested in beginning the Paleo diet, but I see a lot of the recipes call for coconut milk/flour or almond milk/flour. I have severe allergies to nuts, and was wondering if there is a work around for these ingredients.

    • Casey,
      Well, that’s tricky. If its one of the recipes on our site that doesn’t call for much, you can most likely substitute water or additional (chicken/beef/etc) stock. If its a dessert with that type of milk base, you could always get grassfed milk if you don’t have any autoimmune, digestion, or lactose intolerance issues. It wouldn’t be Paleo, but it would be Primal. Otherwise, hemp milk? I haven’t tried it, and you wouldn’t want to eat it everyday, but for a treat, it may be OK? If you try it, let us know!
      Hoep this helps a little and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  71. Athena

    Thank you so much for writing this! I’m very new to the idea of a Paleo diet, but I think it’s the best idea in terms of dieting out there. Today is day one for me, so we’ll see if I can stick to it. I just had a few questions, and I was wondering if you could give me some answers. I’m 16 years old, I weight 129lbs and my height is 5’4. While I’m not overweight, I do wish to get thinner and live a healthier lifestyle. Being a teenager, body issues are a problem. The majority of my family is under weight ( naturally. They all have freakish metabolisms ) so that doesn’t help me with my image at all. I have been struggling with eating problems for the last few months in an attempt to lose weight. For the past 3 or 4 months I have been doing a stick low-calorie diet ( 600-800 calories per day ) The only reason I started this was because after losing 12 pounds ( I was 141 over the summer ) by healthy diet and exercise I couldn’t lose anymore. So then I became clincly anorexic. My weight went down to 120 but then I started eating and it all got put back on. I’ve been struggling with this nasty cycle since early January and I’m tired of it. I really want live a life where I’m not scared when I look at food. And for anyone who is reading this and is thinking about low-calorie diets: don’t. They don’t work. So now I’m here. Now that you’re a bit more familer with my eating habits, I will actually ask my questions. Going Paleo, should I first limit my calorie intake and then bump it up after a while? Is there any food that I should avoid for optimum weight loss? Is there any cardio or exercise that works best with the Paleo lifestyle? Are there any specific times I should eat at every day? And finally, I love sweet things, so are almond milk or other milk substitutes okay for things like fruit smoothies when I want something sweet? I really want to shed some pounds the natural and healthy way. If you read this, thank you so much! I look forward to your answer and appreciate any advice you could give me for my lifestyle switch. Sorry it’s so long. Oh! And just something I’d like to share. My friends brother is in the Marines, and he actually is the one who told me about the Paleo diet. Apperently a lot of people in the military go Paleo because of the health and energy benefits. It helps them get in shape and stay in shape, not to mention build muscle. So Paleo is military approved :)

    • Athena,
      First, let me say that we take the time to personally answer every question we get to our site, so don’t be shy, we want to help! Secondly, Thank you for sharing your story. I think there are many many many women who share your struggles – both young and old – with body image and the overwhelming pressure of society to be thin. I was in gymnastics for years when I was younger and struggled through this as well. And you are correct – the restricted calorie diets DO NOT WORK. Your body will go into starvation mode and it really isn’t maintainable anyways. The second you hit your target and start eating, it just comes back. I am sorry that you had to find that out the hard way, but I am happy to hear that you are trying to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle… you definitely came to the right place!! Now, before I get into this, I would like to point out that you are at a perfectly healthy body weight, so you really don’t need to lose weight, but if you are going to do it anyway, I want to recommend the BEST and HEALTHIEST way to do it, so, here’s my advice for your questions:

      1. Should you restrict calories? No. I encourage you not to count at all. You will find that many proteins have more calories, but translate into cleaner, leaner foods and it will throw off your sense of what is right and good for you. I know it will be hard, but you will have to get used to doing what is RIGHT for your body – which isn’t always the thing that feels like it makes the most sense. You will probably be eating many more calories than what you are used to, so if you start counting, you’ll freak out and get scared, then you’ll start restricting the good foods you need and Paleo won’t work. Please try your hardest to follow the diet and forget about the numbers. I also want you to note that you may gain a little weight in the beginning – it won’t be noticeable to others, as you will only be converting fat to muscle (I’m sure you’ve heard muscle weighs more than fat, and it does), so I also urge you to stay off the scale for at least the first 30 days. I know, that is going to be a nightmare for you, but if you can manage it, this transition will be much easier. You’ll be more toned, your arms and legs will be smaller, but your weight may not be the same. Try to go by the way your clothes fit, not the numbers. I am 5’4 and I weigh 125 and am a size 2 (or 3 in juniors), so don’t trust the scale.

      2. Sugars. If you want to lose the weight faster, try to restrict foods that are higher in sugar. Here is our guide that lets you know which ones they are: Again, once you get to your target, just add them back in sparingly, but there aren’t many. That’s the beauty of Paleo!

      3. Exercise. I personally do Crossfit, but some sort of circuit training is great for you. A little muscle building and a little cardio mixed together is going to tone and give you a nice shape. Running is ok, but make sure that if you do that, you need to incorporate some squats, push ups and sit ups into it…just to be well rounded. You don’t want to just do one thing. Even swimming or hiking or playing a sport – just so long as you are active.

      4. Timing. I eat whenever I get hungry, but I ALWAYS eat something for breakfast and it is usually protein. A slice of turkey, eggs or bacon will do it. Not into that? An apple. Anything to kick start your metabolism (you know, that thing that makes the rest of your family skinny) and get everything going for the day. I recommend protein because it sustains you longer than anything else. So you won’t be hungry for longer (which is helpful during school). After that, eat when you are hungry – do not force yourself into certain times or you’ll eat too much if you are famished and that’s not good either. You can even eat smaller meals throughout the day if you are hungry often and that IS PERFECTLY OK. Again, we’re not thinking about our calories, we’re thinking about our health. Just listen to your body. If you eat when you are hungry, you’ll keep up that metabolism too. I know that sounds odd based on your journey, but it will be an amazingly freeing experience to eat without having to think about it, trust me!

      5. Sweets. We all love sweets and we actually do have some lifestyle sweets that you will eventually get to enjoy when you get to where you want to be, but for the time being…almond and coconut milks are totally OK. Try to get the ones that don’t have chemicals, but they are SO GOOD – you can even make your own really easy. Smoothies are awesome, applesauce is great, trail mix is great (with dried fruit like raisins or cranberries and nuts – a little higher in sugar, but as a treat, you’ll be OK), we even have some Paleo ice cream recipes that don’t have anything but fruit in them (see here: I know it sounds odd, but you can eat sweet foods as long as they are made with Paleo ingredients.

      Trust me, this will feel totally different than anything that you have done. It will be odd at first. Just stick with it and hang in there. It is the best thing I’ve ever done – I feel great, I don’t diet. You can have that freedom, just be patient and stick to it. I believe in you and know that you can do this. We’re on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, so if you need more help, you know where we are. ;)

      Thanks again for writing in, Good luck on your new Paleo journey, and tell your friend’s brother to spread the word. OOH-RAH!!
      ~Paleo Effect

  72. Ek Ta


    So if i’m vegetarian, what should I do about getting protein? I refuse to kill animals for my own health, is there a kinder alternative?

    • Being vegetarian and going Paleo will not be the best way to do this diet, I wouldn’t recommend it if you really want to go full-on Paleo, but it is feasible. Robb Wolf likes to call this classification of Paleo “Difficult” and will also tell you it isn’t recommended. Here’s the issue here – the Paleo diet is based on eating whole foods – meat, veggies, fruits, but no beans (which also means no soy or soy products), and little nuts (1-2 ounces a day), and it will be VERY difficult to supplement your diet with proper protein if you don’t eat some of these items or greater quantities of them (and if you do, it wouldn’t be Paleo). You could certainly do a pseudo-Paleo diet, incorporating some beans and/or additional nuts/seeds into your diet and that would probably be better for you. Again, that is just my recommendation, but if you choose to continue, there are some good resources out there.

      Some good non-meat sources of protein would be avocado, broccoli, eggs, pistachios, spinach, nuts, and seeds, but past that, I would prefer to send you to a place where they know more about living a Paleo Vegetarian lifestyle.

      Here is a link to a Paleo Vegetarian site that may be able to help you out a little more:
      and another:
      and a link to a cookbook for Paleo Vegetarians:

      I hope this finds you well and let us know how your progress goes! Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  73. Christy Mettler

    Thank you so much for this well written site. My daughter 12 was diagnosed with Rheumatiod Arthritis about 2 yrs ago. We have decided to try to cure her with diet and began with just a gluten free diet. It has worked wonders but she is still having major issues we need to deal with. So Today is our first day on the Paleo Diet. I am hoping to make such wonderful food that she doesn’t miss anything except the milk and cheese which we will have to suffer going without. I hope to post her progress on here in the future

    • Christy,
      Thank you so much for the kind words! I sincerely believe that there is hope and that the Paleo diet may be able to work even more wonders for your daughter. If there is anything we can do or any recipe that you’d like for us to try to create, don’t be shy! We’re on Facebook too if you want to reach us that way. Please keep us posted on her progress! I am sure there are others out there in the community that would really benefit from hearing your story :)
      Best of Luck and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  74. Cody

    Peanut butter is one of my favorite things on Earth, is there a good substitute for peanut butter that is closer to the paleo diet?

    • Cody,
      Yes, there are some great options! I like to get the almond butter made from almonds that have been blanched and then roasted. It is creamier than normal almond butter and tastes very similar to peanut butter. Cashew butter is good as well, and if you really want something that is super similar, you can try the organic unsweetened Sunbutter (made from nothing but sunflower seeds – if you like it sweeter, you can add a little honey). I’d like to point out that again, it is important to stick to 1-2 ounces a day.
      Thanks for writing in and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  75. Courtney

    Is Coconut Water (all natural) nothing else added okay to drink on the Paleo Diet?

    • Courtney, Yes, all natural coconut water with no additives is PERFECT for the Paleo diet! Drink all of the coconut water you want and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  76. Lara

    you mentioned on the post that plantains are okay. I absolutely love them, but I’m trying to lose weight with Paleo. Would I lose weight with plantains?

    • Lara,
      If you wanted to lose weight, I would limit my intake of plantains, only because they are high in starch. Doesn’t mean you can’t have them, just don’t eat them every day. We have them every other week and that seems to be just fine :)
      Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  77. Shelley Bennett

    Thanks for the great article.
    I am slightly confused about the yogurt element.
    I don’t have a dairy intolerance so have been eating the Total full fat greek yogurt with seeds, nuts and fruit for breakfast. Is this not ok?

    • If you are going to go full-on Paleo, then you should not be eating dairy of any kind. If you are more willing to go Primal, want the dairy, and have no lactose intolerance, digestion issues, IBS, or autoimmune disease, then you should be fine. Try to get grass fed and make sure that the milk used did not come from a farm that uses chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. A little dairy won’t kill you, but a chemical cocktail will…slowly.
      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  78. talee

    i was curious what supplements you recommend. i am a 35 yr old woman. i workout daily with either cardio, heavy weights or functional fitness. Ive only been paleo for 47 days, but i take a whole foods vitamin I’m not so sure i need anymore.

  79. Chantal

    Hi there,
    Such a great website! Im looking to start eating a Paleo diet, but was wondering if almond milk was ok to drink? I dont actually drink cows milk, only soy, so giving it up will be hard, but if almond milk is ok, then it wont be so hard.

    • Chantal,
      Yes, almond and coconut milk is approved for the Paleo diet. Just try to steer clear of the kinds that have additives (even things like guar gum if possible – even though that is technically not a chemical, it doesn’t need to be there either). Good luck on your journey and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  80. Moomoo

    I love love love love your well written blog. I read every SINGLE comment as well.

    My boyfriend and I have been paleo for two years with the exception of occasional tequila and gluten free beer and wine.

    Its easy, I kick butt at recipes, but I still have horrible gas. (Sorry for the TMI.) But everything gives me gas. Its embarrassing. I’m bloated like crazy. Is it the veggies, like kale? Broccoli? Starches like Yucca and Sweet Potatoes? I’m a mess.. HELP!!

    Also, my boyfriend is all about getting bigger and I’m on the opposite side of that track. I don’t want to eat Yucca and Potatoes and squash so much.. But I cook dinner for us. If I fill up on Salad, Broccoli, etc, I am a mess. How can I reach my weight loss / feel better goals and feed my man properly?

    ps. we don’t do dairy or fruit, and we try to get grass fed (although its VERY expensive)

    Thank you!!

    • Thank you so much! We really are glad that you are enjoying the content and recipes; and certainly hope that we can help! As for the gas – it could be something related to FODMAPs…have you heard of this? FODMAPs are short chain carbohydrates and monosaccharides that are poorly absorbed in the small intestine. It is common to a lot of people actually, and any FODMAPs that pass into the large intestine get hit with bacteria that ferment them…causing bloating and gas. I can’t say that is what you’re experiencing, but it sounds like it and I’ve heard it before. Here’s the deal, you can either get tested, or you can do the food elimination method. Just cut everything on the list below out of your diet for 2 weeks (some have stated more, like 4-6, but from what I’ve heard, you should see less gas pretty quickly). I know, more elimination, but we want to make sure that it isn’t that. The foods that may cause an issue are asparagus, artichoke, beetroot, bell pepper, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, fennel, garlic, leek, mushroom, okra, onion, shallots and honey. I know its a big list, but chances are, you’re not having issues with them all and once you start feeling better, add them back in one day at a time until you have tried them all and identified the ones that you’re having difficulties with.

      Now moving on to the cooking for two… I do that also, so I get it. And yes, if you want to retain your weight or lose more, eating starches should be limited and eaten earlier in the day, giving your body time to burn them off. For your man, most Paleo fitness peeps recommend that Pre and Post meals be limited to protein only, allowing 30-40 minutes between eating and training, which should stimulate the body to release the maximum amount of HgH (=bigger, stronger, natural muscles). All other meals can be eaten regularly. As for bulking, it seems to work better if you get a little leaner, so if he has any fat (love handles, etc.), he’ll want to shed that first, then start bulking. There’s an interesting perspective on it from one of Robb Wolf’s podcasts here: (download the file and move the slider to 32 seconds in). In short, if he wants to bulk, carbs may help, but really, its more about your body than the carbs. Cooking is going to be a challenge, as you have 2 different goals in mind. My recommendation to him is that he eat most of those carbs earlier in the day for lunch, so that you don’t have to cook for just him on days when you don’t want starchy foods. But if he insists, you can always throw a sweet potato in the oven while you make the rest of your food – which as you may have guessed will have to be made separate. Some tips I use? Just make enough for him. Feeling left out? make just a littttttle bit for you so you get a little without ruining your weight loss goals. Or make a stir fry and just pick them out of your plate and pile them all on his.

      Cheers to the both of you and I hope this helps! If you have more questions, you know where to find us!
      Good luck and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  81. Dianne

    I haven’t started the paleo diet as yet but plan to in the near future.
    I was wondering though, as vegetables and fruit are a large part of the paleo way of eating, are green smoothies and fruit smoothies an acceptable way of consuming fruit and veg?

    • Dianne,
      First, let me say that we’re happy to hear that you are interested in the Paleo diet! As far as smoothies are concerned, you can certainly have them and it would be acceptable, but you’d want to watch your sugar content. Most smoothies do have a lot of sugar… even if it is all natural, its still sugar and if you are looking to lose weight, you’ll want to pay attention to that (if you are looking to achieve a large amount of weight loss, we usually recommend cutting out fruit for the first 30 at least depending on the amount). We have a glycemic index guide on our site (see FAQs) that will help you choose lower sugar fruits and veggies. Also note that usually, more fruit goes into a smoothie than veggies and the Paleo diet should technically be the other way around. Hope this helps and Good Luck on your journey!
      ~Paleo Effect

  82. Anonymous

    Me and my husband are doing this diet, well just now starting it and I’m worried about my daughter. Shes very young now but I am very serious about doing this diet, and I want her to have a good childhood. As in eating candy, drinking hot chocolate, etc so I was curious on if you had any recipes of decent things we could allow her to have. It doesn’t necessarily have to be paleo but somewhat healthy would be great. Any ideas?

  83. Jennifer

    Hi there,
    I have been reading up on the paleo diet as I have a few friends that have had tremendous weight loss success by simply eating this way and came across your site. What a wonderful informative site you have created! 5 years ago I was able to go from 292 lbs down to 175lbs by cutting out most “white” breads, cereals, sugars, rice, potato etc. as well as exercising but after gaining back 50lbs during my pregnancy I am having a really hard time dropping it again and getting discouraged. I am very much commited to going “cold turkey” and starting to eat paleo I just have a question in regards to a few vegetables: turnip/rutabaga and parsnips that I had previously used as substitutes for all those “white” sidedishes that I did not see on the list as do’s or do not’s and just wondering if they are indeed paleo (for weight loss specifically). I was also wondering about carrots as I know they are higher in sugar than most veggies should I be limiting them as well?
    Also, what is your thoughts on dried fruits (raisins, craisins, apricots etc.) I know that he sugar content is denser in this form but are they still considered paleo as they are fruits?
    Thank you so much for this site :) I think for a lot of beginners out there it might mean the difference between giving it their all or giving up!

    • Jennifer,
      Thank you! We’re happy to hear that you are committed to Paleo – that will make the transition much easier! In answer to your questions, turnips, rutabagas and parsnips are all Paleo OK, but they are very high in starches. If you are going for weight loss, you will want to limit these items – both in quantity and in the time that you eat them. If you plan to have them, I would eat them for lunch or a midday snack (or prior to exercise), so that your body has time to use the carbs/starches as energy. The Do’s and Don’ts list has been updated – thanks for letting us know, we’re always trying to improve our content! As for carrots, here’s the breakdown compared to traditional foods: 1 medium carrot has 1.03g starch (3oz potato = 15g), 2.9g sugar (5oz broccoli = 2.5g), 6g carbs (5oz broccoli = 10g), so as you can see, you should really be fine to eat these. As for the dried fruit, I would really try to limit these while you are trying to lose weight. For example, 1/4 cup dried cranberries has roughly 26g sugar! Look at the difference between that and a carrot and I think that puts it into perspective. If you want Paleo approved dried fruits, look for no sugar added, or honey sweetened, with no additives or preservatives. Check out sites like Made in nature – these are certainly Paleo approved. If you are looking for a list of high sugar foods to avoid while trying to lose weight, check out our Glycemic Index Guide:

      Thanks again, and I certainly hopes this helps! Thanks again for the kind words and Keep it Paleo! Paleo Effect

  84. Sheila

    Great site… thanks for all the work you do to keep it up. I started the Paleo diet 5 days ago. I have MS and I’m hoping to see my symptoms start to clear up. however these first 5 days have been filled with upset stomach, bloating, headaches (all new) and increased fatigue. Is the increase in animal proteins possibly causing this? any suggestions?

    • Shelia,
      Thanks and welcome to Paleo! Let me first reassure you that what you are experiencing is fairly normal. You are making a LOT of new changes to your diet and what I think you are experiencing are detoxification symptoms. Unless you were almost Paleo to start, your body is used to a whole slew of toxins from the preservatives in processed foods to phytic acids and lectins in grains and legumes. Now that you have none of those in your diet, your body is going through withdrawal. Your digestion is probably a little crazy right now too, as your body is taking this opportunity to cleanse itself. Again, this is pretty normal. In the first 3 days to 3 weeks, it isn’t uncommon to experience headaches, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, mood swings, nausea, intense cravings, sinus drainage, diarrhea, constipation, flu-like symptoms, lack of focus, increased urination, appetite, or thirst. If you were a heavy caffeine drinker, then you can almost expect to have some of those symptoms. Just remember that once the detox is over, all of those nasty little symptoms should be replaced with increased energy, fat loss, muscle gain, emotional stability, mental focus, less allergies, strength, less sinus congestion, fewer aches, clearer skin, no more headaches, and better, more regular digestion. My suggestion is to just hang in there, and I promise it will get better! I know that isn’t what you wanted to hear, but I hope it helps.
      Stay Strong and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  85. Many are trying to follow paleo but doesn’t know the right track. This article will definitely helps to get out some valuable tips for paleo beginners. Thanks for the share!!

  86. Chrissy

    Hi! I love your site! I’ve gotten so much good info on here. I feel stupid asking this, but…Is eating Paleo just for weight lifters? I’m a woman in my 30’s who has always tried to be healthy by eating tons of whole grains and dairy and have had extra pounds that I just can’t get rid of, no matter how hard I try. However, I couldn’t do Crossfit if my life depended on it. Do you think I would still see some benefit from eating this way? (I hope so, because I’ve been eating this for two full days and love it). Please advise!

    • Chrissy,
      First, your health is important and there are no silly questions! Secondly, the Paleo diet is definitely not just for weight lifters or crossfitters. When Angel and I first started the Paleo diet, we weren’t even working out and we saw significant changes to our bodies. Angel lost 30 pounds. I would say the majority of our community does Paleo for health reasons – either to lose weight (or just lean up) or due to more serious health issues, such as autoimmune disease or diabetes. I certainly think that if you cut the dairy and grains and do light exercise, you will see those extra pounds disappear…without olympic weight lifting ;)
      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  87. Eric R

    I am definitely considering the Paleo diet, this website is extremely helpful on the guidelines. I am currently a pescatarian and have been for about 7 months and have lost about 20 lbs since I started. I mostly attribute this to just eating healthier overall and not to cutting out the meat in my diet. Lately I have just not felt right, sluggish in the mid day and the cravings for carbs and junk food ( especially gummy bears) has become unbelievable. After watching a documentary last night called “The Perfect Human Diet” by CJ Hunt, Paleo just makes too much sense to ignore. Just a couple questions before I start
    1. What would you recommend as a good Paleo approved dressing to put on salads. I love salads so this will be a big part of my diet.
    2. What would be a good dip for carrots or celery. Hummus I guess would not be approved. How about almond butter? Any other ideas would be welcomed.

    • Administrator

      Eric, Thank you! We try to build content that is useful :) As for the questions:

      1. There aren’t many pre-made salad dressings out there that are Paleo, but there are a lot of them on our website. We have recipes for Ranch, French, Italian, Caesar, Honey Mustard, Sesame Ginger, Japanese Ginger, Poppy Seed, Lemon Basil, Pesto, and more! We have almost as many salads on the site too. Just go to google and type “paleo effect salad” or “paleo effect salad dressings” and you’ll get them all – as we are working on our smart search on the site (it just isn’t fantastic at the moment, sorry!). And, we’ll have more in the book coming out next month too!

      2. Dips are something that I love too for snacks. We have a separate recipe for ranch dip, honey mustard dip (that tastes just like Chik-fil-a, but healthy!), avocado dressing, guacamole, almond butter is awesome too! We’re coming out with a french onion dip, a garlic dill dip and artichoke dip here soon too!

      Hope that helps and Keep it Paleo! Paleo Effect

  88. Robert

    I’m very interested in the paleo diet
    I am a high mileage runner and am having a hard time wrapping my head around the know grains thing
    Any thoughts???

  89. Alex

    Hi there!

    First off I love your site. Very informative and you have created an easy way to follow the Paleo lifestyle. I recently just discovered I was allergic to eggs. I am no longer allowed to cook with them or eat them alone. I also am unable to eat bananas or any meat besides fish and chicken. Is this going to disable me from eating Paleo?

    • Alex,
      First off, thanks! We really appreciate the kind comments! Secondly, no, you can still eat Paleo without eggs, red meat, pork or bananas. Luckily, that’s all you can’t eat! Just make sure that you are getting adequate protein from chicken or fish and you’ll be perfectly fine! If there is anything else that you are curious about, please let us know and good luck on your journey! ~Paleo Effect

  90. Jennifer

    I have been Paleo for about 2 months. Well, actually more like primal. As I do eat dairy. I have cheese, greek yogurt and cream in my coffee.
    My goal with this lifestyle was to get healthy again, lose some excess weight and have more energy for my kids. My husband thought it was crazy ( he was massively addicted to wheat, loved his cereal and bread, and candy)
    About 2 weeks after doing this on my own, my husband noticed the changes in me and decided to give it a shot. Now, both of us feel better, have more energy, and have lost 20lbs each.

    I read a lot of comments regarding converting to paleo and children. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. So I understand a lot of the concerns. My daughter especially (5) was big on cereal and breads also. I have however, always been lucky with the fact that they loved to eat veggies and fruit. Or maybe its just that I’ve always made it a staple in their diet and let them know how important it was to eat your veggies. Anyway, after two months, my kids BOTH constantly ask me if specific foods have grains it when food is offered by my parents or sister. They have even made the choice to not eat grainy/sugary foods.
    Example : We went to the beach the other day, and they always have a mini donuts stand. I am not sure if any of you have ever walked passed on but wow, the smell is extremely enticing. My daughter asked ” What is that smell mommy?” as she took in a deep breath and went “mmmmm”. I told her what they were and she said “Oh, well I don’t want any of those, but they smell good” So I said ” Why don’t you want any?” She responded by saying ” Well they have sugar and grains in them” I was so proud of her.
    So yes, while it may be initially tough to convert your kids, they are extremely adaptable. It can be done. Especially if you concentrate on explaining to your children why they can’t eat certain things. Heck, my daughter has even argued with her grandpa about why you shouldn’t eat grains.
    My kids still do get treats sometimes, especially at parties and special occasions, and they still eat yogurt, cheese, and drink milk. I think that helps.

    • Jennifer, Thank you so much for sharing your experiences as a Paleo mom! It always helps to hear it first hand and we’re so happy that your experience has been so positive! Maybe this will help convert some parents on the fence! Thanks again and keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  91. nathalieusti

    Just wondering 2 things:

    Is almond milk considered Paleo?

    Which supplements are recommended? I don’t have health concerns, I would like to lose 50 pounds and I did have my gallbladder removed over 10 years ago.


    • Natalie,
      Yes, almond milk is considered Paleo. If you are buying it from a store, try to find something with the least amount of additives. If you want to make it yourself, you’ll find a good how-to guide here:

      As for supplements, if you follow a well-rounded Paleo diet, with plenty of veggies and water, you shouldn’t need supplements. We don’t take them ourselves, but if you’d like a good reference, I’d look at Robb Wolf’s book, The Paleo Solution. If not, the general tone is Vitamin D, Magnesium, Fish Oil, and Probiotics.
      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  92. Katherina

    Thankyou for this article. You kept your list simple, easy to understand and most importantly easy to remember. With all those food items on good and bad paleo, sometimes shopping around becomes a tedious task. You clearly classified the “no-no’s” from the “must haves” so shopping for paleo food would be a breeze the next time around. And most of all, I really like what you said on the last part, that yes it’s ok to cheat every now and then, and give in to our cravings. I guess it is important to keep this in mind especially when we go to gatherings where other visitors are non paleo and the food served is non paleo.

    • Katherina,
      So glad you liked it! We love this lifestyle so much, we really want to make it accessible for everyone! Hope your journey is a great one!
      Thanks again and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  93. dania

    Great article and replies!
    I am in the process of changing my lifestyle to paleo. It requires a lot of education after decades of S.A.D. diet.
    I come from a small island where boiled and fried green bananas and green plantains are an every day item, I was wondering if it is ok to eat green bananas and green plantains on a paleo diet. Please help.

    • Dania,
      Thanks so much! As for the plantain issue, yes, you can eat these on Paleo…and thank goodness, because Angel is from Puerto Rico and I don’t think he could handle it if he couldn’t eat plantains!! I would just limit your intake if you’re trying to lose weight, as they are rather starchy (If you really want to do whats best, eat them earlier in the day, for good energy while exercising, but not at night). Yes, the Paleo lifestyle is a bit of an adjustment, but if there’s anything else that you have questions about, just let us know and Keep it Paleo! You’ll be glad you did! :)
      ~Paleo Effect

  94. Amber

    I’m 38 year old female and am without a doubt overweight. I’ve fought with it my entire life. I’m hypoglycemic and have had issues with it since my teen years. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago. I’m getting married on October 15th, and decided that I needed to do something to make sure that a) I fit into my dress with no issues, and b) don’t feel like the southern side of a north bound critter for our honeymoon. So, I researched going paleo. It’s been a whopping two days, and I haven’t felt this good in YEARS. It may seem like it’s a bit soon, but seriously I can feel an absolute difference. I’ve not had one instance of my bloodsugar bottoming out (which had been a DAILY issue before), and even my roommate has commented on the fact that I don’t look bloated. Such a quick and marked change leads me to believe that there were some serious gluten issues going on… it is out for good!

    • Amber,
      First, Congratulations on your wedding!! Secondly, it sounds like you’ve found the culprit to some of your health issues, and we’re so happy that you’re already feeling better! It is amazing how having an allergy to food can take such a serious toll on your body, and we’re glad that Paleo can help. We truly do believe in the medicinal properties of eating right! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out and if not, Good Luck on your journey – both in health and in love!
      Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  95. Anonymous

    This article was so helpful, shared with my friends as well.

    Thanks for writing!

  96. Mohammed Ali

    This was a beautifully summarized guide to the Paleo Diet.
    Its the best I have seen on the net so far.


    I say the following with respect…I was a little disappointed after reading that you encouraged us to completely give up all the necessary non-paleo foods….except alcohol where you made an exception

    Alcohol is one of the worst drugs available for consumption…and the worst thing is, its legal in many countries.

    • Mohammad,
      Thank you so much for the kind words. We found so much personal success that we really tried to make it easy to understand for the newbies to get on board the lifestyle. It makes me happy to hear that you found it so helpful! As for your comments on the alcohol, we absolutely appreciate the constructive criticism…its what makes us better. I read over the guideline, and it does appear that we make an exception. I want to be clear that we recommend cutting that out as well, but if you can’t, then there are options. Due to this, I inserted a line in the guide that mentions that if you want to reach optimal health, cut it out, but if you can’t, then see the additional guide.
      Thank you so much for your comments and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  97. Brenda

    I’ve just started paleo and am doing a juicing regimen at the same time. I’m excited to see how it goes! The only issue I have with the recommendations for oil, is saying the use of Palm oil is acceptable. This is not acceptable in any diet, as oranutans are losing their homes and lives to the massive demand of palm oil. Farmers are clear cutting their forests to plant large palm plantations and this is an atrocity. Please be more responsible with your suggestions. It’s not JUST about our health, after all…

    • Brenda,
      We’re happy that you are excited about starting this new journey! As for the palm oil comment, with all due respect, if we wanted to get into sustainability and environmental issues, we could have a whole different website. I think it goes without saying that we support the environment and fair trade in all aspects of this lifestyle. If you’d like to know more about sustainable palm oil, check out this link by the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil): There you can see what their ethics is all about – from making sure that the biodiversity is not disturbed (which they claim is their #1 issue) to the fair treatment of workers. Again, we’re here to make recommendations about what types of foods help your body to function best, we leave it up to the individual to make positive choices about their social responsibilities.
      Thank you for your comments and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  98. I currently lift very heavy and along with a diet high in protein, I drink a protein powder to get me to the 1lbs per pound of body weight recommended by nutritionists. Is it still Ok to continue to drink this on the paleo diet?

  99. Amber Kilgore

    that was the best read I have seen yet. I have researched the Paleo diet for about 6 months and found that all the articles were just too complex or confusing… I was able to make notes… Yes vs No. :-) Thanks so much… I am already celiac, so I think the transition will be pretty easy. :-)

  100. Is coffee and hot or cold tea ok?

  101. Adilene

    Hi! :)
    Is isolate whey protein not paleo?
    What can you tell me about almond milk?

    • Adilene,
      Whey protein isolate is not Paleo, because it contains trace amounts of lactose. If you are not lactose intolerant (or gut sensitive) and you don’t mind breaking the Paleo bible, then you should be OK, considering that the amounts would be so low that it probably wouldn’t distress your system. …or you could just eat some meat or eggs and not worry about it. :)
      As for the almond milk, that’s a pretty broad question! What do you want to know? Is it Paleo? Sure, as long as it isn’t pumped full of preservatives and fillers. Here’s recipe on how to make it (will taste a little like sweetened, or if you want it au natural, omit the dates & vanilla) I wouldn’t say to drink it as if it were water either. Moderation is the key for sure on this one. If you have any specific questions about it, feel free to reach back out!
      Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  102. JAMIE


    • Jamie,
      I am curious what type of results you’d like to see. If I’m reading this correctly, you’re doing everything right except I would limit my nuts intake to one serving a day and not eat carrots late at night because they are so starchy, but otherwise, I don’t see anything wrong with your regimen. I think the issue here is that you maybe don’t understand what Paleo is supposed to do for you. This “diet” will clean out the gunk from your system, allow your body to run at optimum levels, and take to you your ideal healthy weight – which for you, is actually 123-154. So if you’re floating around 120, the reason you’re not losing weight is because you’re actually a little underweight. Paleo will not make you model thin because that is not healthy. If you exercise and lift weights, you should be up around the 135-140 range. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out again, but it looks like to me that you’re doing a great job at eating Paleo and keep up the good work!
      Best, Paleo Effect

  103. Barbara

    I have chronic inflammation of my respiratory system. No sense of small no ability to taste chronic coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Doctors now say it is COPD I have never smoked or been around any risk factors for lung problems. They want me back on Prednisone which has made med fat and resulted in diabetes. PREDNISONE help the smell taste and breathing but I refuse to go back on it again because it drives my blood sugar thru the roof. I am 63 I weigh 205 and have a 44 inch waste. Time to get serious about my health or prepare for my funeral. Any suggestions on extra steps I should take?

    • Barbara,
      It does sound like now is a great time for change, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! We have a really great “Getting Started” guide on our website that should give you all of the info you need to get started, here is the link:

      And if that doesn’t answer all of your questions, just write us back and we’d be happy to help!
      Good luck on your journey and let us know how it goes for you!
      ~Paleo Effect

  104. Anonymous

    wow I thought I was doing really bad with my paleo diet! But I’m following it quite well , can’t believe this is hardcore ! :) I’m treating myself to some raw coconut brownie balls!

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  106. Jennifer

    Ok…my biggest question is this: I’m vegetarian and gluten-free. I get a HUGE amount of my protein/fiber from legumes , greek yogurt, quinoa.

    I am in a challenge group that is trying the WHOLE30. Is it conducive for a vegetarian? Meaning…can I still obtain the nutrients I need to feed my crazy active lifestyle (I’m a beachbody coach, insanity/T25 workout fene, and a US Army soldier). I eat very clean but want to do better…




      Oh Jennifer. You’ve hit such a tender topic for us here. I think a lot of people would expect us to tell you to JUMP INTO PALEO, YOU CAN DO IT VEGETARIAN! PALEO IS ALWAYS THE BEST OPTION! YEAH! …but in reality, we’re just not sure about that. I was vegetarian for 7 years and I have to say, as difficult as it was to start eating meat again, I’ve never felt better. My muscle and skin tone has improved dramatically. I sleep better. In all reality, we recommend a true Paleo lifestyle because we feel it is the best health option.

      Now for the vegetarian part: where I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going Paleo without a form of protein (and I just don’t know if nuts only will cut it. I think you’ll have to incorporate some beans into your diet), I can’t say that you couldn’t do it either. We have notes on all of our pages about how to convert recipes into vegetarian options. You can also search our webpages by filtering “vegetarian”. If you decide to go down this path, I urge you to document it and share with others, as there isn’t much feedback in the vegetarian Paleo community. And definitely let us know how you are doing!

      We wish you the best of luck on your journey, and Keep it (or maybe Start it?) Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  107. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website
    yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz answer back as I’m looking to design my own blog and
    would like to find out where u got this from. thanks


      Thank you for the kind comments! We are both designers, but Angel manages our page himself, I am very lucky for that! If you want to ask him something specific about the site, email him at and he’ll handle that directly. Thanks! ~Paleo Effect

  108. I like it whenever people come together and share ideas. Great
    blog, continue the good work!

  109. Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok.

    I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look
    forward to new posts.


      Yes, we definitely are on Twitter! Check us out @paleoeffect and thanks for the kind words :)

  110. Scott Donnelley

    Hello. I am brand new to Paleo… literally just started today. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of veggies but I have been able to make myself tolerate broccoli for the purpose of this eating style. But i still want to make sure that I’m getting all the nutrients and antioxidants from greens that i should be. I came across Jarrow Formulas Green Defense and wanted to know if that is an adequate supplement to make up for some of other veggies that I can’t seem to stomach. Thanks for the time.


    • Scott,
      First, let me say so sorry for the delay and welcome to Paleo! You’re probably not going to like what I’m going to say, so I’ll just say it. There is really no substitution for vegetables. They should be 1/2 of your intake on Paleo and even though we love Jarrow products and their Green Defense is great, it is not a substitute for veggies. What I can offer you is an alternative to EATING them. I spent the better part of last week creating a line of veggie replacement juices that taste like fruit. Each one has a complete day’s worth of vegetables. Could you possibly muscle down some apple juice? If so, I think you should give them a try! Otherwise I have to say that supplementing your diet is fine, but you still need to be ingesting vegetables.
      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  111. Debbie

    I was first introduced to Paleo for a 21 day sugar detox my sister wanted me to do with her. I lost 10 lbs. After the 21 days I spiraled back to my old eating habits. Two months later my dr. told me I would be diabetic, (have PCOS) but could slow it down through diet and exercise. So, I’ve slowly added Paleo concept back to my diet. I’ve lost 15 lbs. in two months. I still have coffee with cream, a little ricotta, some cheese etc.(basically some dairy, maybe a little soy sauce) I just wanted other people to know that if you can’t be 100% Paleo, (by choice I haven’t been), but the changes I did make have helped. Not only did I lose weight, but I do sleep better as well. And I don’t beat myself up over “cheating” on a diet. I don’t consider it cheating, it helps me keep on track. Thanks for your helpful info.

    • Debbie,
      It’s good to hear that you’ve found a nice balance…that really is the goal at the end of the day. I think it is important to understand what you can and cannot live without and find a way to make it work as long as it doesn’t get out of control. Thank you so much for sharing part of your journey and Keep it {Mostly} Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  112. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly
    donate to this brilliant blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group.
    Chat soon!

    • Thank you for the kind words! We really appreciate your support :) If you do want to support the blog, you can always buy one of our The Paleo Effect books, available on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble. Thanks again and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  113. Kristie


    I have recently taken up the vegan lifestyle- it has been 2 weeks. I have been living a paleo lifestyle for about 10 months now. It has been two weeks now and I’m really low on energy . Is there a way for vegans to do the paleo diet and still have enough food and energy??

    Also, can paleo muffins/cakes be bad for you? Eg banana and date muffin made out of paleo ingredients bought fresh from paleo cafe.

    Thank you!!

    • Kristie,
      We usually do not recommend a Vegan Paleo lifestyle, but if you are going to go this route, there may be certain truths about bending the rules that you may have to adjust to. Let’s try to do it up right first though, and my overall thoughts are that you’ll need to really beef up (ha, no pun intended!) on your carbs, fats and proteins, as you’re looking for energy and won’t be getting any of those last nutrients from animals. First, try to carb-load earlier in the day (breakfast/lunch) with good carbs like sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and plantains. That should give you quick energy, while still ingesting early enough in the day to burn the carbs away. Secondly, you’re running up against the lack of protein and fat in your diet. Little known fact: lack of protein will drain the energy right out of you. Other signs of protein deficiency? Cravings, muscle/joint pain or slow recovery time for workouts, inconsistent sleep, low energy, moodiness, and stress. Try to get fats from things like avocados, or adding coconut oil to your meals. Sounds odd, but you NEED fat in your diet. You can even accomplish this by adding a tablespoon to your morning coffee or by simply adding more oil in your food. You can also go the nut route – with nut butters and raw nuts for both fat and protein. Also, eat more spinach and broccoli. Two cups of spinach contain 2.1 grams of protein and one cup of broccoli sites at about 8.1 grams. All good for protein and energy.

      If that doesn’t help, then we’ll move to pseudo-Paleo additions like green peas (with 7.9 grams of protein per cup) and quinoa. Quinoa is a great source of carbohydrates, but also protein for Vegans (8 grams per cup) and is also a seed, not a grain (actually a pseudo-cereal because of the way it is eaten), so it can be considered a Paleo food (I usually say in moderation because of the carb content, but in your case, approved). I’d also recommend chia seeds and hemp.

      Lastly, we can add some starches and proteins that are not Paleo, but also not on the absolute no-no list, like beans, potatoes, and rice. At the very least, you’ll want to stay gluten-free and go with the least toxic of the options. I would not usually recommend beans, potatoes, and rice, but I would not usually recommend a Vegan Paleo lifestyle either, so I guess we’ll just have to try it if the former 2 sets of advice aren’t working. Its still better than a non-Paleo lifestyle!

      As for the Paleo muffins/cakes… We have several on our website, and I would say that this could be a good source for your to get some energy from the coconut flour/almond flour that they are probably using BUT be wary. Some “Paleo” baked goods are FULL of sugars. I would ask my baker what type of sweeteners they are using (if just banana and date, then you should be OK), as a lot of them add coconut crystals or raw sugar or honey – and you’ll want to be aware of how much. All of our muffins on the site use only the amount they need to be just sweet enough, so we keep the sugar content low, but not all bakers will do this. Ask for the nutritional facts so you know what you are eating.

      Please keep us posted on your progress and thank you for taking the time to write in! We hope this helped and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  114. Can I eat vegetable soup that has been cooked with potatoes in it if I avoid eating any of the potatoes?

    • Shaun,
      I would defer to the question of if you have auto-immune or digestive issues before answering that question. Do I personally think that eating around potatoes is going to make or break your Paleo diet? Not necessarily, but I would be interested to see the ingredients list as a whole. If everything in the soup is Paleo except the potatoes, and you don’t have any health issues that you are trying to improve/cure by going Paleo (skin issues, digestive issues, auto-immune disease, etc.) and are just eating Paleo for the overall wellness it brings, then you should be OK. Just remember the point of eating Paleo is to cut out all gut irritants, so I would not make it a daily habit.

      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  115. Florence

    Hello would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using?
    I’m going to start my own blog soon but I’m having a difficult time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.
    The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something
    completely unique. P.S Sorry for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

  116. Dee

    What about iodine? We need the iodized salt to prevent goiters… It’s why iodized salt exists. I know we don’t need much, but cutting iodized salt from the diet would mean needing a supplement – right?

    • Dee,
      Adults need about 150mcg of iodine a day. Where you can eat a little iodized salt in your diet, you just shouldn’t overdo the sodium and processed salt, which is why we recommend sea salt for seasoning. Most people get enough iodine without any issues. You can also get iodine from turkey, beef, chicken, pork, fish, seafood, eggs, strawberries, pineapple, coconut, mango, dates, apricots, rhubarb, spinach, Jerusalem artichokes, cinnamon, black and white pepper, and hazelnuts. So if you eat well-rounded, you shouldn’t have any issues getting iodine in your diet. We’re not medical professionals, just huge Paleo advocates, but if you feel you’re deficient, you may want to schedule some time with your medical practitioner.
      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect


    Oh snap, thank you so much for posting this! It is gonna be so helpful when I order Chia Seeds online! Super Stupendous!

  118. Richard Smeghelmet

    Can I eat chicken raw?

    • Richard,
      You can eat raw chicken, but you definitely need to know where your chicken comes from and ensure that it is fresh and raised in an environment free from poor conditions. You can’t guarantee that it won’t carry any salmonella unless it is certified free of salmonella (which we recommend), but you can prepare it in a way that can ensure safety if it isn’t certified. In Japan, this method of preparation is called tataki – which is quickly and very lightly searing the outside, leaving the inside raw. Remember that we are not medical practitioners nor nutritionalists, but Paleo advocates. If you choose to eat raw chicken, be very aware of the risks if you don’t get certified chicken and otherwise, go wild and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  119. infant monitor reviews 2014

    Hi there it’s me, I am also visiting this site on a regular basis, this
    site is really good and the viewers are actually sharing fastidious thoughts.

  120. Michael

    Hi i have just started paleo and would like to know could i take 1% milk with coffee

    • Michael,
      I hate to break it to you, but dairy is not a Paleo food. Primal allows dairy, but Paleo does not. We use coconut milk or almond milk as a substitute for milk and I think you should try it and see if you like it…most people can’t even tell the difference in such a small quantity! If you’re looking for more information on the Do’s and Don’ts, check out our “About” section on the homepage. Hope that helps and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  121. gold space coast massage therapy school

    My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was totally right.
    This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  122. Danielle O.

    Loved your article. Believe it a good basic foundation for the Paleo way of life, and it is a way of life. I felt offended by your comment about “our” children being abnormally large. I have 3 children raised organically and with deep thought as to their health and environment. They are all in the 95th percentile of the growth chart. All are maturing properly (as for puberty) because they have had a limited exposure to hormones (plastics, food, etc). They are large in stature because of their genes and our access to more protein and nutrients then our forefathers, not hormones and synthetics. Otherwise, good info.

    • Danielle,

      Thank you for your comments, but I have to think you have misinterpreted the information in the article concerning the current state of children. I apologize if I offended you, but that was obviously not the intention. The comment was in regards to hormones in meat affecting the growth patterns of children. I was not saying that some children aren’t going to be larger than others…it was a general statement about the overall early pubescent growth of children due to excessive hormone ingestion of standard meats in the United States.

      Again, we appreciate that you took the time to let us know and we’ll refine the page to omit the confusion in the future.

      Thanks and Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  123. Nicole

    Hello, I started paleo two months ago and have only lost 10lbs.. I’m making sure I’m not eating too much or too little, if I eat too little then I feel weak.. I drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.. Not eating too many nuts or fruit.. What could be the problem?

    • Nicole,
      Thanks for being a supporter and welcome to Paleo! Let me say, 2 months is just the start of Paleo. Your body is still going through the transition – so don’t worry and give it time, it will work. Angel’s transformation took about 4 months to really show a difference. Are you exercising? Diet is only part of the equation, so if you aren’t, you really need to incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle. If you are, when are you exercising and what is a normal eating day for you? It is difficult to pinpoint the issues without the details ;)

      We’re here when you’re ready. You can also privately message us if you don’t want to share your experience in this comment feed…although we do encourage it :)

      Thanks & Keep it Paleo! ~Paleo Effect

  124. Thank you sooooo much for this. I have wanted exactly this. What to and not to eat and also the ins and outs of how it works to eat paleo including everything a beginner could need to know.
    Finally I feel ready to continue this journey.
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the best written article :-)

    • Kate,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know! If you ever have questions or requests, we’re happy to help you on your journey in any way that we can!
      Welcome to the Paleo community and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  125. auREA


    • auREA,
      Well, if you’re already started, let us say Welcome to Paleo, we’re glad you found us! If not, that’s OK…we’ll just have to convince you. ;)

      As for your question, you should be able to take a multi-vitamin, no problem. Shoot for one that is made with a natural capsule material instead of synthetic (if taking a capsule) and make sure that they aren’t putting any caking agents or preservatives in it. Now, that is different than the answer I would give you if you ask if you will still need one. Once you make the switch, I would plan on continuing to take your vitamins for a period of up to 1-2 months. Of course, consult with your doctor if you’re already doing so, but if you’re eating a well-balanced Paleo diet, I don’t think you’ll need to take the multi anymore. I would suggest testing your levels before you switch, then doing regular testing after, then ween yourself slowly off and continue to test your levels. This is the best way to see if you really need to continue to supplement.

      I hope that helps and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  126. Nina

    What if you can’t afford grass fed meat in that amount for a family?

    • Nina,
      Grass fed is a recommendation, but if you can’t afford it, then shoot for a vegetarian-fed, antibiotic and hormone free beef. At least you wouldn’t be ingesting chemicals. You can still practice a Paleo lifestyle on a budget…even a modified version is better than other so-called diets.
      No worries and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Paleo Effect

  127. George Green

    I have just started the paleo diet this week on the recommendation of a friend and have found this site a great souf e of information. One question, is organic hemp protein powder ok to add to breakfast smoothies?

    Looking forward to a healthier way of eating over the coming months and great to know that two of my three favourie alcoholic drinks are on the list… Red wine and cognac!

    George – London, UK

    • George,
      First, let us say welcome to Paleo! We’re so excited that you found us and hope that we can be a part of your journey to wellness, and also answer any questions you may have.

      Now for the hemp protein – you can extract protein from almost anything that contains it, whether it be the best source or not. This is my personal opinion when it comes to hemp protein.

      First, hemp are seeds, and even though seeds are Paleo, we need to immediately think of eating these in moderation because of that fact (most nuts and seeds contain phytic acid and require quite a bit of processing to remove any bitterness, etc.). So in addition to being something you shouldn’t eat a lot of, hemp is not the best source of Paleo protein powders, if you feel the need to use them at all. We do not use them, but if you need it, we would recommend a 100% Egg White Protein or a blend of meat and egg, like PaleoPro Protein Powders.

      Hope this helps and Keep it Paleo!
      ~Meghan & Angel

  128. Dendewdrop

    Hi I have just started. Im struggling with the sweet tooth. .I have brought some dark chocolate 85% and found medjool dates help..but concerned about sugar?!
    Also are gluten free pastas and breads allowed?
    Where would you source grass fed meat?

    Sorry for all the questions!

    • First, let us say welcome to Paleo!

      Secondly, let’s address that sugar issue. Here’s the deal (and you’re probably not going to like what we’ll recommend): you really should go strict Paleo 100% for the first 2 weeks. No cheating. No sugar. No chocolate. Why? Because if you can cut it out for 2 weeks, you will NOT crave it. At all. And if you do, it will be in small amounts (like a handful of blueberries will feel like candy). Really, that’s the only GREAT way to combat your body going through withdrawal. There is no better way to do it. Allow yourself to eat whatever you want, as long as it is Paleo and has no added sugars of any kind. 14 days and you’ll be free.

      Now for the gluten free pastas and breads: We have not found a gluten free pasta or bread that either A. didn’t contain something that wasn’t Paleo or B. didn’t taste like crap. We’ve tried a lot, but there really isn’t anything on the market that I would recommend. If you are curious about a certain brand or type (if it is Paleo), contact us and let us know which one and we’ll help you determine if it is Paleo approved. We do have 2 bread recipes on our site that are fluffy and taste like sandwich bread that also toasts up nicely. No kneading, just dump all of the ingredients and bake it. Takes 5 minutes to prep and 30 to bake with no effort really.

      Grass fed meats can be found in many places, it depends on where you live. We live in Florida and our options are many. Angel and I usually go to the Cognito Farms website, order it there and have it shipped to our local farmer’s market, or we’ll go to a health food store (like Earthfare or Fresh Fields Farm) and get it there. Even our Publix carries grass fed meats. If you can’t find it, let us know your general location and we’ll help you out!

      And never apologize for wanting to get healthy! We’re here to help (…even if we are on a slight delay)!
      Good luck on your journey and Keep it Paleo!

  129. Bridgette

    I am trying to lose 150 pounds. I’m a week into Paleo, 8 pounds down, yay!! I’m experiencing “low carb flu” and trying to just find comfort. This “flu” is the best thing that could have happened. It’s making me realize the amount of toxins/poisons in my body and the impact not having them is having on my body. Paleo is also helping get more rest. I’m sleeping 8 hours a night and waking up feeling rested. This is a stark contrast to the 4-6 hours I was previously getting and waking up so sluggish. Finally, I’m not experiencing mucus after I eat. Overall, I’m really pleased and loving the recipes I’ve been able to find. So happy I stumbled upon this site. I’m going to like you on Facebook too.

    • Bridgette,

      We’re so happy that you’re getting serious about your health and that Paleo is working for you! Don’t worry, those flu-like symptoms will subside after the next couple of days (and so will any cravings you may be experiencing like sugar or carbs). It takes up to (but not longer than according to our average) 14 days for your body to go through the cleansing process. It’s really amazing what effect food can have on our health and we’re so happy you found us! If you have any questions or requests along the way, just shout out and let us know, we’re happy to help!

      Good luck on your journey, WELCOME & Keep it Paleo!

  130. Jess

    so i’ve recently had a lot of health issues which have lead to weight issues. I have been diagnosed with NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis) and PCOS. the result of these is I have very low energy, almost an inability to lose weight, and I have a 1 & 8 yr old to chase around. I want to be my best possible self, But its very hard when all i can think about doing is sleeping whenever possible. My doctor suggested a full gastric bypass, as my BMI is 37, but the health issues make it viable. I really enjoy cooking and eating, and doing anything that extreme seems a bit much. I’m a qualified chef, and have worked with allergies and intolerances a lot, so I have a good understanding of food and what to/what to not eat health wise. Because of my liver issues I don’t eat anything fried, no alcohol or caffeine, and avoid grains already as they only ad to my lethargy. I would say im about 70% paleo already, as the only thing that I still consume is cheese & legumes. As the liver diet suggests a lot of legumes, and very high fiber, I am struggling to find the right balance. I have to take a various concotion of 8000mgs of fish oil, 2 b complex, 1 multi, 2 liver detox tablets, vitamin D every morning just to get going. I was wondering if you had any advice regarding finding the right balance of fixing my liver and paleo, as I have seen first hand how wonderful the positive effects of paleo are? I want to be a positive healthy parent for my kids, and have the energy to keep up with them :)
    thanks for your time.

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