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Paleo Chilaquiles, A Traditional Mexican Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Sometimes, people ask us, how do you ever have time to be Paleo? Isn’t it really hard having to work a full time job and then come home and cook a meal from scratch?! And to that I say, ‘Well, yes, at first it is a little difficult. But then it becomes a part of your routine and it gets to the point where its just as easy as anything else”…which I really believe is true. We ALL have a difficult time transitioning, but trust me, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I like to tell people that we post these recipes so that everyone else has somewhere to start! ;)

At any rate, Chilaquiles can actually be served at breakfast or at dinner. Traditionally, they are served over tortilla chips, but as we don’t have those, we like to serve them with our Tostones, which are so awesome! If you haven’t tried them, they are really delicious, I promise

Paleo Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles or Red Enchilada Sauce

Mexican Shredded Chicken (or Beef)

Sunny Side Up Egg




*Optional: Queso Blanco (if you do cheese)

*Optional: Sour Cream (if you do dairy – I will make a recipe for this soon!)

Mix the chicken with the sauce. Layer the tostones, chicken, then egg, then the lettuce and guacamole (and sour cream and cheese if you do cheese).

Don’t forget to follow up with our amazing Traditional or Lemon Flan!

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