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Paleo Dill Pickle Relish, A Condiment for Tuna or Salmon Salad

Angel and I just took a weekend to ourselves to Orlando and it was such a much needed trip! We went to a Hilton resort, lounged on the lazy river with drinks, had couples spa treatments (and oh boy, did we need them!! Crossfit = sore muscles!) and ate at the Spencer’s, which was in the hotel. Convenient and good.

Now my review:

Spencer’s for Steaks and Chops is great. Everything is fresh and comes form sustainable farms, which you know we like. The main part of the menu is steaks and chops (duh), but I actually had the scallops and they were cooked to perfection. Angel had a HUGE steak and it was delicious. The chef caters to ANY AND ALL food restrictions, which is the truth. They make the sauces to order and everything. I would recommend that if you go, check in with Facebook or Foursquare, as it will credit you with $45 to use on any bottle of wine, as long as you order 2 entrees…which we did.

Dill Pickle Relish

*NOTE: All ingredients are made from our Paleo Dill Pickle recipe.

3 Dill Pickles

3 Tbsp Brine

3 Serrano Chile Halves

4 Carrot slices

Cracked Black Pepper

Dice all ingredients and hit it with a little cracked black pepper. Done!

Try in our Salmon Salad or Tuna Salad!

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