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Paleo Grilled Pineapple, A Sweet Treat or Side

This is going to be a good weekend. You know how sometimes, you can just tell? We had a nice chill night last night, a great workout this morning, powered by Diesel Crossfit, the house is clean and its time to relax. For many of you, this will be considered a Paleo cheat (or treat, as I like to call them), as it has both alcohol and sugar in it. I assure you, this recipe is Paleo though, so no worries. You’re probably looking at the ingredients and wondering what cachaça really is. Well, it’s this wonderful liquor made from fermented sugar cane juice. If you can’t happen to find it, you can use regular clear rum or coconut rum would be good too. With Easter coming up on us and Lent ending tomorrow, what better way to celebrate Easter than with a treat? Grilled Pineapple 1 Pineapple ¼ cup Coconut Crystals (or raw Sugar) ¼ cup White Cachaça (or rum) ¼ cup Coconut Water Prepare the pineapple. That means cutting off the sides from top to bottom in strips, throwing away the prickly outer rind, top and bottom. You will need to core the pineapple as well, as you won’t want to eat that part. Combine the coconut crystals, cachaça and coconut water and stir until the coconut crystals are dissolved. Hint: I put mine in the microwave for 30 seconds. Soak the pineapple in the mixture for at least 1 hour, or longer if you have the time! Grill on high heat until warmed through, should be about 3-5 minutes on each side. Try this with our Perfectly Grilled Vegetables and BBQ Pork Ribs.

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