Paleo Honey Chicken Stir-fry, A Chinese Food © 2012 . All rights reserved.

Paleo Honey Chicken Stir-fry, A Chinese Food

So this Paleo Honey Chicken recipe is very simple and very delicious. Everything goes into the same pan and just steadily cooks. Sometimes, I really like these quick recipes when in a pinch for time. I would definitely use fresh ginger and as a note, white pepper is different than black pepper – it will change the flavor if you use black and I make no guarantees if you’d like to try. Enjoy!

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Paleo Honey Chicken Stir-fry

4 Chicken Breasts

½ Red Bell Pepper

½ Green Bell Pepper

5 White Button Mushrooms

1 cup Broccoli florets

1 cup Carrots

4 dried Arbol Chili Peppers

1 Tbsp fresh Ginger

3 Garlic cloves

3 Tbsp raw Honey

1 ½ Tbsp Coconut Vinegar

1 Tbsp Arrowroot Powder

1 tsp Sesame Seeds

1 tsp Sesame Oil

½ Tbsp Olive Oil

2 Green Onions

¼ tsp Coarse Sea Salt

White Pepper (to taste)

Cube the chicken and set aside.

Heat the sesame oil and olive oil over medium-high heat. De-stem the arbol chili peppers. Cut the red and green bell peppers into chunks and slice the carrots. Add the bell peppers and arbol chili peppers (whole; if you like your food really spicy, mince them first) to the hot oil and sauté for 2-3 minutes, covered.

Next, add the chicken, mushrooms, garlic, ginger and broccoli and sauté, covered, for another 3-4 minutes or until the broccoli is a bright green and slightly tender.

Add the honey, coconut vinegar, arrowroot powder (I like to make a slurry with some water so it incorporates easier), sea salt and white pepper (yes, I said white, NOT black) to the meat and veggies and sauté until thickened.

Remove the whole arbols chili peppers before serving. Garnish with chopped green onions and sesame seeds.

Follow it up with a delicious Paleo Coconut Macaroon!

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