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Paleo Meaty Egg Scramble, A Creole-Seasoned Breakfast Idea

Today is the first day of the year that was 90 degrees here in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. Yes, you heard that right, 90 degrees in April. So much for springtime! It was a great weekend though…It rained Saturday, so Angel and I had a day at the house and Sunday, we went out with our neighbors (Chase and Brandi) for Sunday Funday and we are now so sunburned! It really feels nice to get outside and enjoy the beach again though. Even Chance got to enjoy the weather and play with his new ball … before he completely destroyed it!

This recipe was entertained by a very inquisitive look by Angel, but he ended up enjoying it and eating it all. It is a little spicy, but you can adjust this by buying a milder sausage. It has a Southern/Creole/Blackened seasoning to it that gives it a little Louisiana kick, but is still a nice breakfast meal. This will make a lot of food, so take that into consideration.

Meaty Egg Scramble

½ Hot Italian Sausage Link (casing removed, broken up)

8 raw Shrimp

2 Bacon slices

4 Eggs

¼ Yellow Onion

1 Green Onion

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

Creole or Blackened Seasoning (to taste, about ½ tsp)

Sea Salt and Pepper (to taste, about ¼ tsp each)

Dice all ingredients, removing the white part of the green onions.

Heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the sausage and bacon and cook for one minute, then add the shrimp and yellow onions and season with sea salt, pepper and blackened seasoning.

Cook until the shrimp starts to turn pink. Then add the eggs and green onions and stir, cooking until the eggs are set and no longer runny.

Serve immediately, piping hot. Angel likes it with ketchup, but plain is good for me!

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