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Paleo Pot Roast, A Tender, Braised Entrée with Vegetables

It’s very rare that Angel and I are both out of town at the same time, but in different places. This past week, he pitched a business idea in New York City, while I had a Branding conference in Las Vegas. I have a lot of food places to review, but in the spirit of trying to keep our household afloat, I’ll have to do that later this week. So we’re keeping it short.

This recipe is pretty simple. Everything goes in a pot, comes out hours later tender, juicy and delicious. You won’t even need a knife for this one! And look, I’ve tried it the oven way, I’ve tried it the slow cooker way, but this is the easiest for me, so that’s what we’re posting. Don’t be afraid to leave the veggies in big chunks, they will break down after being in that stock for hours.

Paleo Pot Roast

1 Blade Cut Pot Roast (about 3 lbs)

1 Tbsp Fat or Oil (I used Duck Fat)

1 Sweet Onion

2 Garlic cloves

2 Celery Ribs

2 Carrots

8 White Button Mushrooms (or Baby Portobello)

½ head Cauliflower

1 ½ cups Free Range Organic Chicken Broth

2 ½ cups Grassfed Organic Beef Broth

2 Bay Leaves

1 sprig Thyme (or ½ tsp dried)

¼ tsp Marjoram

½ tsp Peppercorns (or equivalent pepper to taste)

Sea Salt and Pepper

In a pot big enough for all ingredients, heat the fat over high heat. Rub the pot roast with sea salt and pepper on all sides. Once the fat is hot, sear the sides of the pot roast until all sides are browned (should take 1-2 minutes on each side). Then remove it from the heat and set it aside.

Turn the heat down to medium (~5). Quarter the onion, add it to the pot and stir until they are caramelized (nicely tan/browned, about 3-4 minutes). Peel and dice the carrots, break the cauliflower into large florets, remove the stems from the mushrooms, mince the garlic and chop the celery ribs (keep everything a little big, but still a good edible size). Add them and cook for just a couple of minutes, until the garlic is fragrant, just barely browned.

Then add the meat and all remaining ingredients to the pot. Reduce the heat to low (about a 2-3 on my oven), cover and cook until the meat is fork tender. You will want to flip the meat whenever you think about it, maybe twice an hour or so would be good. This should take about 3 ½ -4 ½  hours. For me, it took about 4. When the meat is tender, take the lid off and cook another 20-30 minutes, to reduce the stock into a thickened gravy. You can do this the easy way by adding 1 Tbsp of Arrowroot as well (if you don’t want to wait).

Serve over our Mashed No-Tatoes for a delicious meal!

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