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Paleo Teriyaki Shrimp, A Japanese Teppanyaki

This Paleo Teriyaki Shrimp is sweet and savory. There’s something about it that I think speaks to everyone. I don’t know why – its so simple to make and I really don’t know too many people who don’t like it. So, in my eyes, its important to have a really good teriyaki recipe on hand, so that when tasked with cooking for a group, you have an easy, go to recipe that can be translated into any meat. Literally any meat, like our Paleo Teriyaki Salmon! So we’re following up our teriyaki recipe with a 2 part recipe block today to cover a few of our bases. Enjoy!

NOTE: Shrimp can go from great to rubbery very quick. Once the shrimp look like they’re pink about halfway through, flip them and then be prepared. They should be taunt, with a little give, but not hard. Hard = Rubberband.

Why are the simple things so difficult sometimes? Like happiness. I feel like that shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. Angel was very unhappy at his standard 9-5 job and now that he’s doing his own business, the pattern is seemingly repeating itself. Sometimes I pray that this is just a little lull, as he’s been in such a good mood lately. I just want things to work out for him so badly that it stresses me out! At least he’s trying to accomplish his goals and dreams – and for that alone, I’m proud of him. I just hope he can figure out his rhythm so he can relax a little!

Spanish word of the day: el gerente (manager)

Paleo Teriyaki Shrimp 

24-30 raw jumbo Shrimp

Paleo Adobo Seasoning

2 Tbsp Chives

1 Tbsp Olive oil

Paleo Teriyaki Sauce

Black Pepper

Heat the oil over medium-high heat. Dust the shrimp with adobo on each side. Add to hot pan, cooking until no longer translucent (about 4 minutes).

Once cooked through, toss in teriyaki sauce and top with chives & black pepper.

Serves 4

Thinking surf and turf? Try our Paleo Teriyaki Salmon! This recipe is fantastic with our Paleo Kelp Noodle Salad!

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